About the Practice: Your Health is What Matters to Us

Our practice is all about you and your family, it's about your needs, and about helping you all to stay healthy and to be able to enjoy our beautiful and wonderful community! It's about providing care for people and for families who work for a living and for those who are fotunate to be retired.


We're the only Family Practice, in Santa Fe, open Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 8 p.m. We believe these hours provide the best and easiest hours for access to quality care. On Saturdays, we're also open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. for you and for your family! While most patients are scheduled an appointment, sometimes there's no more appointments for that day. Enter our solution: work-in visits. That means if you or your children are sick that day- we'll see you or them or both of you. Stop by and tell our admin staff you need a 'work-in' visit. We stay until the last patient is seen, some days that's meant staying 2 1/2 hours longer than usual. Yes, that's why we say that what we do is a 'calling'.


We take nearly all insurance plans. Yes, we know, as do you, that some plans,(including private plans), as well as Medicare and Medicaid, don't pay 'as much' as other plans pay. We still take all of these plans because it's 'just the right thing to do'. We know, once you come, you'll want to come again and bring your family, your extended family, and your neighbors (many patients do).


We're welcoming many new and wonderful patients to our practice, and you're bringing your family and friends.  We're growing because our patients know we genuinely care for them and for their families! We're one of the few practices in the State of New Mexico, actively involved in research, to provide better quality of care for you. Come on by and join the sweetest practice around!


Our staff is happy to welcome you to our practice!


A short 'tour' through our practice

Knowledge, and its' wise application to your family's health needs is always critical. Having spent 22 years in practice, our medical director has a depth of experience you need. For this and other reasons, we have patients from all over New Mexico, as well as patients from Oklahoma, Colorado, Mexico, California, and Texas who seek out his guidance.


Our medical director reads, on average, 22 journals each month to stay current with the latest developments in science, technology and medical management. He uses services which report on 42 other medical or professional journals each month. Another 6 to 8 hours a month are dedicated to 'continuing medical education'. Another 40 hours a month are spent in research.



Most health care providers are taught that 90% of the information critical to your health problem is in the your History. You'll be asked 'lots of questions, all the time'. All we have to know is: which questions to ask, and in what order. You come in the door with the 'answers' to your health problems! It's fun and like a huge easter egg hunt!


This approach sounds alot like the 'old country doctor'; and our medical director learned from many 'old time country doctors'. So, if you like the approach of sitting down and going through what's going on, you should stop on by!


This, of course, means each time you'll also get examined, since that's the other 10% of the information we need to know to help you! If it sounds thorough, we are: but that is what you want for you and your family!




We'll run appropriate tests and order consulatations with other providers, when needed. We'll also sit down with you and discuss what we've found and what needs to be done next.


Part of our plan includes follow-up visits and exams to see how well you've responded to our treatments. Finally, it's a wise idea to come in for that 'annual' exam: one easy way to remember is to stop by during your birth month. Keeping your good health and the good health of your family is always a gift to treasure!



Research is a key to any medical practice. One reason that people value the wise advice from the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachuetts General Hospital, or the Houston Heart Hospital is research. No great medical institution in America exists without research.


The photo above shows DNA: the building blocks of nature. Nanoparticles: material the size of DNA are going to be used to help humankind to stop the destructive forces of cancer and illness. Nano-materials will allow us to evaluate and to treat conditions presently called 'untreatable' today. View our page on 'nano-bio-technology' on the topic bar at the top of the page, you'll find it informative and hopeful.


We beleive now, more than ever before, that science is on the verge of developing technology, therapy, and treatments which will vault medical science by three to four generations. Humankind is about to take a giant leap forward in many wonderful ways!