Anti-Aging Medicine for Men and Women

The Anti-Aging Program at Adobe is a program which goes far beyond Family Practice, beyond Preventive Care and into Proactive Care. Proactive Care is where Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine mix.


Anti-Aging medicine is a clinical specialty which is founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies focused upon the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related diseases, disorders, and dysfunction. It applies a 'tip-of-the-spear' healthcare model promoting innovative science and research to prolong the healthy lifespan in humans. Anti-Aging medicine is based upon the principles of scientific and emperic medical care.


Anti-Aging medicine is:

  • Scientific: Using diagnostic and treatment practices supported by scientific evidence;
  • Evidence-based: Uses an orderly process for acquiring data in order to formulate a scientific and objective assessment upon which an effective plan of care is made and revised to meet individial bio-metric needs;
  • Documented by peer-reviewed journals: The National Library of Medicine hosts more than 3,000 peer-reviewed articles on the subject of Anti-Aging medicine.

Anti-Aging medicine has been a 'hot topic' as baby boomers get older. This section will help you learn about the benefits of both living longer and living healthier. The key to life is to have a long and healthy life which is well lived--and we're going to help you get there!

What Goes Wrong with the Body?

There any many answers to this question-the shortest is that we all have a destructive genetic code which leads to our death. If you think about it: how many people have the kindness and wisdom which would enable them to live 300 or 400 years and still be gracious and beneficial towards society?


At the top of the 'death list' is the number one killer: heart disease. Heart disease kills more men and women than any other disease.


Some people are 'supposed' to go on to develop one of the various cancers, such as: thyroid cancer, lung or colon cancer, and still others are genetically prone to develop breast cancer.


One of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. is suicide-whereby people lose hope. Hope, with a genuineness grounded in reality, is a commodity we all must share with one another and strive to grow each day. But there are many treatable causes for suicide and depression whereby we can bring people back 'from the edge' and return them to a healthy state.


The profound sense of loss we feel when a loved one passes always brings about the question: was there something we could have done for them? Usually the answer is: Yes!


The next question is: "What could we have done differently?" The better question is: "What can we do today for those we care about"? This positive life view guides our path.

Sex Hormones, Insulin, Cortisol, Thyroid and Pituitary Hormones

Each of these critical hormones play crucial roles in having a healthy, well functioning body. Problem is that for most people many of these hormone levels fall with age and then cause dysfunction. Without proper hormone levels, and a balance among these hormone systems, everything begins to stop working in a healthy way and disease sets in. As disease moves along its' spectrum, a worsening of health occurs and ultimately death.

Sex Hormones and Pituitary Hormones

In this section we'll be discussing the sex hormones: Estrogen 1 (Estrone), Estrogen 2 (Estradiol), Estrogen 3 (Estriol), Pregnenalone, Progesterone, Testosterone and Di-Hydroxy-Testosterone (DHT). We'll also discuss the Pituitary Hormones FSH, LH and Prolactin and their role in health and in disease.

Insulin and Cortisol Hormones

Insulin and Cortisol have crucial roles in energy production. Each hormones has many other functions and interactions with other body systems.

Thyroid Hormones and Energy Production Pathways

Thyroid Hormones T3 and T4 will be reviewed in this section. Think of T4 as the 'savings account' for thyroid hormone and T3 as the 'checking account' for thyroid hormone. We'll also discuss the critical role of Iodine in energy production and the creation of T3 and T4.


T3 has a critical role in controling the rate of energy production in the mitochondria-think of the mitochondria as the 'nuclear power generator' that exists in every living cell in the body. Some 'typical normal' lab values for T3 are 70 to 190. Some 'often-typical' lab values we see in the 'average patient' are 61-106, which are numbers below normal, to the bottom third of 'normal'. Most people will not function well until their T3 is about 150-170 (upper 2/3 of nurmal).


While the T3 is busy controling energy production, the bio-chemical work of energy can only occur if each cell has enough Co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10. Co-Q10 goes from a 'normal' of 550mg/day of production in a healthy 20 year-old and moves down to about 100mg/day in someone who is 50 years old. So, the 'agerage' 50 year-old is walking around slower (physically and mentally) in part because they lack 450mg/day of CoQ10-they simply can not produce the energy they need to run well or efficiently.


Next, we'll discuss Hashimoto's Thyroiditis- a fairly common auto-immune disease whereby the body begins attacking its' own thyroid gland, and thyroid production falls and falls, causing a number of health problems.


Finally, we'll also discuss the critical role of thyoid hormones, the linked and direct overall energy production and metabolism of Thyroid, Iodine, CoQ10, Insulin, Cortisol, and energy production pathways and one directed way which can be medically manipulated to your favor to improve energy production which will also reduce your cancer risk across-the-board!

Elemental & Medical Therapies for Longevity

There are certain therapies which we will cover which will allow you to reduce your risk of death from all causes and improve your health as well as your physical and mental strength and stamina.


There are 2 critical things each person can do each day to cause their natural lifespan to lengthen by years and which will also drop their risk for death from all cancers. In short, our longevity program offers you certain options you want to have.

Life Extension-What to do with "The Gift"

A final critical element to all of our efforts at life extension is to have each of us live that life to its' fullest. The gift of extra years of healthy life is a cause to celebrate and to live to its' greatest capacity. The next question we'll answer is: how is that done, and better yet-why is that done?

Looking Good While Feeling Better

While we can help you to live longer and have more physical and mental energy, you also want to look your best! We have developed the latest non-surgical techniques to establish and maintain the healthiest skin you can possess.


Many older people have developed so many wrinkles that they look like a Sharpe, or they have developed more Chin's than a Chinese phone book. These unfortunate folks are very far along the skin damaged spectrum that they need plastic surgery. But plastics alone will not give their skin the elasticity nor the fullness their face and cheeks need post-operatively. Only certain specific treatments will return these people to a healthier skin tone and healthy looking cheeks, neck, and face after their plastic surgery. This is where we can help.


Our Skin Program provides critical elements required by the body to create more dense, rich, and thick collagen-which is what controls skin elasticity-and that which will prevent or resolve wrinkles. Without plastics, we can improve or resolve all but the most advanced skin aging conditions. For those who want to look their best-and look younger-we have the 'secret sauce' cocktails.