Canada Pharmacy & Reasonably Priced Medications

At Adobe Family Practice we strongly support local pharmacies, and local compounding pharmacies, such as the fine folks at Del Norte Pharmacy. Buying local is an excellent way to live and keeps the community more vibrant and alive. However, for some chronic, high cost medications, we strongly believe that our patient's interests lay further north- in Canada to be exact.


Americans pay more money for prescription medications than anyone else in the entire world! That's right Americans pay more for for the same medications than anyone! Some medications, such as Plavix, an agent used by many after they get a stent to open blocked arteries in the heart, costs about $264 per month in the U.S. That works out to $3,168 to prevent the stent from closing off and represents the cost of 'not dying'. People in America are being held hostage by drug companies- pay or die!


Plavix has been one of the most legally contested drugs of all time where every consumer and professional medical group has backed safe usage of the generic version, but which has been blocked by attorneys working for the Sanofi Aventis drug company for several years. Other than irrational corporate greed, there has never been any scientific reason to prevent the safe generic version of Plavix (Clopidogrel) from being produced or sold in the U.S.


We have several patients stuck, paying these 'irrational greed' prices to Sanofi Aventis because the corporation is using the courts to keep an 'exclusive' production and distribution network in place only for the purpose of corporate greed. Americans continue to have the most inefficient market for pharmaceuticals in the world- driven largely not by need, but rather by greed.


So, what does Canada Pharmacy offer? They offer the generic version of Plavix, and have for years, at a rate of $244 for 3 months (less than 1/3 the cost of the name brand), or an annual cost of $976 per year. That's a savings of $2,192 per year. Over 10 years that's almost $22,000 saved by using the safe, reliable, generic version over the name brand in the U.S. How many folks do you know who 'just happen' to have an extra $22,000 laying around?


What Canada and Europe do, versus the U.S., is they have a faster to market program for medications and a faster to market route for generics. They also do not allow 'irrational corporate greed' to rule and direct drug prices. The average Canadian generic and name brand prices run 20 to 70% below what Americans pay. We need to become American Patriots again and pay respect to the average American being taken advantage of by the agresive 'corporate' greed banksters!


Banksters are people wearing 'business suits' who are 'gangsters' who will rip off any American for profit. The Banksters have no soul and only love money, not people. Banksters provide no valuable good or service and have as their dominant concern, to obtain 'maximum profit' to steal funds from people who need help with their legitimate health problems. We all know that it's love of people and NOT profits that make life worth living!


Let's push America and our Canadian allies forward to be Progressive People interested more in honest profit, product, and service and a public damnation of all Banksters who want to take advantage of people for excess profit. It's time for decent people to say enough! 

Why Canada Pharmacy?

There are several Canadian pharmacies who ship internationally, and legally to the U.S. That's right- one of the many 'cons' drug companies have tried are: it's illegal to ship medications from Canada, or the medications are not equivalent, or the medications are not as safe, or they're not as potent, or they're not regulated to be safe and effective. Each of those claims have been 'smoke and mirrors' by drug companies to insure they continue to soak Americans for more money than anyone else in the world for medications. 


After researching over a dozen Canadian pharmacies, we choose Canada Pharmacy over the others due to ease of use, accessibility, and that they have both human and pet medications. They also offer 5% discounts to anyone who spends over $400/year on meds. There's no annual deductible or monthly fees, and those who spend $1,000 or more save 10% additional each year on meds.


Are other Canadian pharmacies 'safe' to use? Yes.


Does Adobe own any share or get any benefit from recommending Canada Pharmacy? No.


Why are we telling people in Santa Fe about this? We're advising the community, and our patients, of this brilliant way to save on medication costs because it's just the 'right thing' to do!

How to Contact Canada Pharmacy

The Canadian pharmacy programs are a 100% professional first world pharmacy system with all of the same legal requirements of any U.S. pharmacy. The requirements for Canadian pharmacy prescriptions are exactly the same as what's required for U.S. pharmacy prescriptions. First you must have a legally written prescription by a licensed prescriber in the U.S., who holds credentials and licenses to prescribe the medications and medication classes, same as in the U.S.


Next, you have to 'sign up' either by calling 1.800.891.0844, which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week; or by going on-line at and filling in all of the usual information required from any U.S. pharmacy.


Third, you have to fax or mail in the prescription: the contact information is available on-line or from the folks answering the 800 number.


Fourth, you'll have to wait about 3-4 weeks for the medications to arrive: this means you'll always have to plan ahead. Make sure to have plenty of medications on hand and order just over a month out to get your reasonably priced medications.

Do the Math

With more and more people having less than ideal medical coverage, or having large co-pays, or having $2,000 to $5,000 deductibles which people have to pay before the insurance kicks in- do the math. Are you one of those people spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on U.S. medications?


We beleive the humane thing to do is to do the math. If you're the 'victim' of corporate greed and are getting charged hundreds or thousands of dollars, call the folks at Canada pharmacy: they'll tell you how much you'll save each year on your medications.


In running the numbers for many patients, we've found that most would save hundreds and many would save thousands of dollars each year. For most of us on budgets- this means the world. Please, take a few minutes, if this describes you or a loved one, then go on-line or make the call today.


Our medical director has taken positive action, and is saving over $2,200 each year, using the Canada Pharmacy program. It works, it's real. Make the call today!