Death Dangers: What You MUST Do for You and Your Family

Death Dangers sounds very depressing. The title was chosen because, as people who care for one another, we must be alerted when there are huge dangers confronting us and our communities. We all need this information, since many things go on, which, if we lack the background information, we'll not notice the HUGE threat to us, to our families, and to our communities! Such a threat is here, in Santa Fe, and is very real!

Lethal and Legal- Bath Salts Killing Kids Looking for a Cheap Buzz

Bath salts: sounds benign, something soothing after a long day. Bath salts are KILLING young people who are suckered into believing, often by friends, that using bath salts to 'get a buzz' are safe, since they're sold over the counter to anyone who asks for them. Kids are told by their 'friends' that they 'know' they're a safe way to get a buzz- they read it on the internet!


Everyone knows who Dr Oz is, and we all listen to what he says, since he's on target and on time with news. While what's going on with the current epidemic of 'legal' drug abuse may go unnoticed, Oz begs for us to take notice.


Bath salts (also nick named plant food, and is slang for various products which) contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone, (MDVP), also called mephedrone, which is a stimulant hallucinogen that prevents the uptake of key brain neurotransmitters: norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Keeping the brain bathed in these neurotransmitters causes euphoria; it also causes seizures, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), paranoia, hallucinations, violence, and death by violence or by suicide!


Sold also under names such as Kush Blitz, Lovey Dovey, White Lightening, and Euphoria, they laughably contain the warning: 'not for human consumption', a less than 'cute trick' as the companies selling them attempt to get around government regulation. Kids everywhere are in danger from this substance, and the threat is legal, cheap, and very deadly!


In all of 2010 there were 302 calls to poison control centers about bath salts. In the first 3 months of 2011 there have been 784 calls! There were about 1,500 bath salt related ER visits during January through March 2011. One of the most common causes of death from bath salt use: suicide! Those who live past the attempted suicides have enduring psychiatric instability.


Dickie Saunders, age 21, after ingesting Cloud 9, died in November 2010. Dickie was the son of two Louisiana physicians, Richard and Julie Saunders. So far: Florida, Michigan, Hawaii and now, Louisiana, have imposed bans on the sale of the 'bath salts'. The federal government has failed to act, citing a need for 'determining how it can be controlled'.


Britain, Finland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweeden have all acted to ban or to control MDPV. As we're waiting for the federal government to slowly act, we will be sending a letter to Governor Martinez, respectfully asking her to take immediate action to have the substance banned in New Mexico. We need many good many things, in and for New Mexico, but more young people committing suicide or developing severe psychosis, so a store owner can make $80 selling bath salts to another kid, is NOT what we need.


The simpilest word or gesture to let your kids know that you care, and that this danger is very real, is one immediate step Santa Feans can take. Let your kids know they're loved: that's one of the best actions you can take that will prevent them from feeling a 'need to escape' and to use this or any other dangerous drugs.

Bath Salt Intoxication- Now in Michigan

From the MMWR (Morbidity and mortality Weekly Report), May 20th 2011, 'Bath Salts' are killing people in Michigan. In early 2011, a Michigan Poison Control Center reported several patients injecting, inhaling, or ingesting 'bath salts'. 'Bath Salts' have no legitimate use for bathing and are being sold at 'head shops' until reasonable laws are enacted to stop their manufacture, transportation, sale, and use. The 'head shops' are making about $80 on each 'bath salt' sale, so they have no motivation to stop on their own.


This is another case where substance-abuse-chemists are ahead of the law in making new chemical substances for abuse for people who are attracted to take any substance of abuse to 'get high'. Since there's no age requirement to buy the substances, and since they're legal, many people are attracted to use these substances. 'Bath Salts' contain the chemicals 3,4-methylenedioxypy-rovalerone or 4-methylmethcathinone (mephedrone). Statewide investigation identified 35 people (ages 22-55) who presented to emergency rooms with 'bath salt' intoxication during the previous 5 months of 2011.


Nearly half the patients had histories of psychiatric illness and 69% had self reported histories of drug abuse. Ninety-one percent presented with neurological symptoms (dilated pupils, motor agitations), 77% had cardiovascular symptoms (hypertension, tachycardia), and 49% had psychological symptoms (delusions, hallucinations, agitation, paranoia). One patient was dead on arrival; 17 were admitted, all appeared to have receovered.


The DEA has identified 'Bath Salts' as a drug of concern. However, the feds are slow to act. Since several people have comitted homocide or suicide or both from their delusions and paranoia, in other states, it appears each state will have to take action to protect its' citizens since the feds are dragging their feet.

Cocaine Tainted with Levamisole Killing Users

In the early part of 2011, we lost a patient to a painful and premature death. He was a very kind man who persisted with having a drug problem. Some background information is needed to understand how he died.


Back in September 2009, CBS news reported that nearly 70% of ALL US cocaine was laced with a dangerous substance that was causing deaths. Since that time, nearly all cocaine in New Mexico and Colorado is 'cut' with 'Levamisole'.


Levamisole is 'okay' if we're deworming cattle, or treating humans for cancer, otherwise, it has a very narrow 'safety zone' or 'therapeutic zone', where once a certain dose is exceeded, then that dose causes near death and death.


BUT, people who use cocaine want a 'buzz', and since 2008, cocaine has been 'cut' with 'Levamisole' in Columbia to 1) improve profits- Levamisole is cheaper to buy, than cocaine is to make; 2) Levamisole gives cocaine users a bigger 'buzz' by elevating dopamine, the 'feel good' brain hormone. Sellers and users were 'happy' with the initial situation, until people began getting sick and some users started dying!


Immune system damage occurs as does kidney and liver damage and multi-organ failure results in death. The 'buzz' from Levamisole mixed with cocaine is not worth it! Please talk with your friends: using cocaine is not worth the risk!