Diabetes and Diabetics

There are two types of diabetes: Type I (caused by genes and auto-antibiody damage to the pancreas), and Type II, (gene, inactivity, and weight related). In both types of diabetes, the body either lacks enough insulin (Type I), think of insulin as a 'key' that lets you (sugar) into your house (each living cell in your body), and, in the case of Type II Diabetes, lacks the ability to use insulin properly, (does not allow insulin to escort sugar into each cell) also called insulin resistance.

Diabetes: Type I

People who have Type I diabetes have a genetic predisposition to both develop the disease, and to transmit the gene to their children. A number of European studies have clairfied this situation (beyond what many people wanted). Many pyschologically stable people do not want to believe they've transmitted a diseased gene to their children which will lead to the curse of type one Diabetes.


Being forced to live with an insulin pump, and perform continuous blood glucose monitoring, or performing monitoring before each meal, and giving ones' self a shot 4 times a day is nothing to look forward to doing. As a parent, knowing that you've caused this situation, causes you to doubt if you should even have children. But it remains a genetic roll of the dice: in some families, who carry the gene, 2 of 3 children will not have Type I Diabetes.


Part of a 'work-up' done by certain experts in diabetes, (including our office) may include a test of the 'serum insulin' or amount of insulin a person makes, or has. Another crucial test to differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is the 'c-peptide' lab test. The pancreas makes both insulin and c-peptide at the same time. However, insulin is broken down by the liver and has a half-life of only 5 minutes, (half-life in this case refers to the time it takes to break-down and eliminate 1/2 of the insulin). The half-life of c-peptide is 30 minutes, (c-peptide is broken down and elininated by the kidneys) and we should therefore, in a 'normal' functioning body, find a ratio of insulin:c-peptide of 1:6 (5 min to 30 min ratio).


In many people with type 1 diabetes, the c-peptide and insulin levels are near zero. Non-treatment of diabetes with insulin could put a person into a coma and death. We need to have type 1 and some type 2 diabetics on insulin to prevent coma and death. These 'treatments' with insulin will give us false high 'serum insulin' blood tests from the insulin we've given. However, the low to near zero levels of c-peptide remain in those with type 1 diabetes: for this reason, often a c-peptide lab test is ordered by itself.


You now know why 'c-peptide' lab testing is important. That said, we're one of the few family practice offices in the entire state which orders c-peptide lab tests! 

Type I Diabetic Cure

A brilliant researcher, Doctor Denise Faustman, MD, PhD who's a specialist in auto-immune disease, at Harvard, performed research on Type I Diabetes. She determined that Type One Diabetics all lacked a specific part of a functioning immune system, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha.


Dr. Faustman, began research on resolving the underlying cause of type one diabetes several years ago. Under FDA guidelines, there are 3 Phases to a clinical drug study. The Phase One Clinical Study has been completed, and the science has been proven. The Phase Two Clinical Study is, currently, being enrolled for Human subjects.


The study looks at using BCG vaccine at two specific single fixed doses to cause the body to create enough Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Alpha, to help regulate the immune system and to stop the immune system from attacking the Beta Cells in the pancreas, (beta cells are the ones which produce insulin). Once the body produces enough Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, then the attack against the pancreas is halted, the body recovers, and the pancreas returns to normal function!


While this study appears to have defined the primary cause for type 1 diabetes, and has shown great promise in correcting the deficiency, only further Phase 2 and Phase 3 Clinical Studies will have the overview, the varied patient population, numbers of study participants. and varied study sites required to determine no other treatment will be necessary, and that, indeed, the findings apply across all geographies, and to all human genetic types.


This study is very promising, and we have two patients awaiting treatment with the two BCG vaccine doses. Once they complete the lab and x-ray study criteria, they're ready to begin the treatment! The new year could bring a wonderful cure for our two 'volunteer' patients!

Diabetes: Type II

The list, and information, on Type 2 Diabetes is long, very long, which is why it's so poorly understood, and why so many people who have Type 2 Diabetes are discouraged. It's easy, for patients, or providers, to fail to review important information, or to recall so much information! But, really, when understood, it's all very simple.


There's background information: science you need to learn to understand the individual parts of Diabetes. Then there's context: the social, scientific, and environment in which diabetes exists.


The brief version: Type 2 Diabetes, like Type 1 Diabetes, is caused by a gene. While most people, who have the gene, feel, at first, it's a 'garbage' gene, when we look at WHY the gene exists, it becomes more apparent, that to have the type 2 Diabetic gene is to have a gene that helps you to survive starvation! Surviving starvation is a very good thing!


In the U.S., there aren't many people 'starving': there are about 60% who are overweight. Many of these 'overweight, or 'obese' people have the gene for type II Diabetes. They are 'calorie conservers'- that means that when given the same amount of food as someone without the diabetic gene, the diabetic will take as much of their food as is possible, and turn it into fat. Then when there is no food for long periods of time, they'll digest their fat and not die. In America, that level of starvation is just not hapening.


A Complicating Social Factor:


We are 'social' animals. That means some of us will do 'really' strange things, and since so many are 'doing' this 'strange' behavior, then that behavior becomes the new 'normal'. One objective way to find out if you're 'conning' yourself into adapting abnormal behavior as normal, is to "time shift."


Time shifting means, taking an event, keeping the human activity the same, and shifting that activity to another time of the day. For example: many Americans, and Europeans have 'conned' themselves into believing it's 'natural' to eat massive amounts of carbohydrates and only carbohydrates at a particular meal, once a day.


When eating only carbohydrates at a meal, the blood sugar rises, and what the body can't use for energy, in that first two hours, gets stored as fat. Next, the blood sugar falls 2 hours later, and the person, unless they eat again, is exhausted, can not think as clearly, and does not have enough energy for the next 4 hours! On the other hand, fat and protein are broken down evenly by the body over a period of about 6 hours. But most Americans and Europeans avoid and deny this basic truth.


Brainwashing: Americans watch 10,000 hours of food commercials per year!


Doubt that hundreds of millions could be so foolish? Look at breakfast each morning. Most Americans and Europeans have carbohydrates, and only carbohydrates, (when they eat fats and proteins, it's in such small amounts, it does not even deserve measurement). Time shift these behaviors to supper time. Now invite your 10 favorite friends over for a night of Kellogs Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies. You can offer: Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops if they REALLY want more sugar with their carbohydrates. Nobody would show, and they'd advise you to get counselling.


Time shift those same 'refusal to show' people who advised mental therapy: those same people, will, the next morning make those same, mentally ill food choices. Two hours later, they'll be searching for food, as their blood sugars falls, or they'll 'act up' or they'll just be less productive until lunch happens. Americans and Europeans have been scammed by:  Big Agra Food Comapnies and their 'brain washing' food commercials on television. People use large amounts of psychological energy to 'con' themselves into thinking their behavior is 'normal' compared to others, and then they repeat this same mentally ill behavior the next day.




That's all breakfast is. You're NOT going to eat for about 5 or 6 hours after breakfast, so let's start to be reasonable, and eat like it's any other normal meal! Our family regularly eats steak, hamburger, eggs and sausage, shrimp, lobster, crab, pork chops, and chicken for breakfast. NO: we're not so undisciplined that we think we need to cook it early that morning: we like to sleep as long as possible (as most people do).


We make our meals, with veggies, each week, and plate them in microwavable containers. Then before each meal, we decide what each person wants. One person can have steak, the next could have chicken, and another have shrimp. Nobody has a 'slump' two hours later: we're good for 5 or 6 hours until we eat again.


Breakfast can be fun, enjoyable, and cheap (at home). For what it costs to eat breakfast out for one person, that same person can have a full sized Maine lobster- with the claws ($6.99 on special at Albertsons nearly every month). Lobster sure beats something 'fast' and expensive from the 'drive thru'! Steak's no different: we typically eat steak for 2 or 3 people for what it costs for one 'delux' burger, with fries, and that high fructose corn syrup drink they offer, when eaten out.


As we often say: you can plan to succeed (and eat well for very little), or your can fail to plan (missing meals or picking 'something' up at the drive-thru on the way to work and paying unreasonably high prices like you have money to burn), which is the same thing as planning to fail. With some very simple, but regular planning, it's easy to succeed, and to enjoy wonderful, great tasting meals at the same time!


Crazy Things our Diabetic Parents Taught us, in New Mexico:


In addition to 'eat everything on the plate', have a cup of beans, and a cup of rice, with each meal. It's a tradition! No, it's NOT a tradition!


Tradition: was during the winter, when no fresh fruit or vegetables, or meat was available, and the rabbit was underground, and the deer too far away, or too fast; our ancestors ate beans and rice. Beans and rice, together make a complete protein. But since they are each a carbohydrate, the body will quickly store each as fat, after 2 hours. Then, when no beans or rice are around, our acestors could live off their own body fat! Again, not starving to death is a good thing. But these traditions were before there were canned foods, refrigeration, electricity, 24/7 grocery stores, and fresh fruit and vegetables brought by ships and planes from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere, during winter.


The Big Fiesta: Each Spring


Each spring, those people who did not die, and had left over beans and rice had a Fiesta! That IS true tradition! It was to celebrate living and surviving in a rough territory, for one more year! That was cause for celebration.


Now, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they have the Special at Jose's "all you can eat" fajita bar and grill, with all the beans and rice you can eat (and stuff yourself with). This 'con' job, by 'Jose', is not tradition, it's a 'con' job, to 'con'vince you to stuff yourself with pennies worth of food, while 'Jose' makes a large profit, selling you food you do not need and can only store as fat on your body. That's NOT tradition.


Do The Math:


The 'average' person, with the diabetic gene, can burn only 30 grams of carbohydrate at a meal. A cup of rice has 90 grams of carbohydrate. A cup of beans has 126 grams of carbohydrate: 90 + 126= 216 grams of carbohydrate! That means the average diabetic, just from the rice and beans, (no fajita tacos, no enchiladas, no corn chips, and no high-fructose corn syrup sweetened drinks counted), and the average diabetic just stored 186 grams of carbohydrate as fat, just from the beans and rice, at 1 meal!


Then there's calories: that cup of rice has 500 calories, and the cup of beans has 640 calories: 500+ 640= 1,140 calories. The 'average' female diabetic burns about 1,600 to 1,700 calories per day; the average man: 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day. Now realize, these folks ate the beans and rice in ADDITION to the rest of their meal, which has about another 1,800 to 2,000 calories, or about 3,000 calories per meal!


That's about 2 days worth of calories for females and kids, and 1 1/2 days worth of calories for the guys. The math means, when done 3 or 4 times a week, these folks are going to activate their diabetic gene, gain massive amounts of fat, become more inactive, and gain even more fat.  


When a person has a cup of rice, that equals about the same number of calories in a Big Mac (540), or that cup of beans about 1 1/4 Big Mac's. That equals 2 1/4 Bigs Macs eaten WITH the rest of the meal, then LYING to yourself, that eating this massive amount of carbohydrates, and this huge amount of calories was a family tradition, for years! 


Resturants and the Economy


Despite a less than perfect economy, many people eat out 3-4 times per week. The owners of resturants, who want to stay in business, know two things: if the food 'tastes' good, and the people feel they got 'enough', then they'll be back again, and will keep the resturant in business. 


So, 'tastes' good in the U.S. means: there's plenty of fat, plenty of high fructose corn syrup (cheaper than sugar), and plenty of salt and spices. And 'enough' means about three to four times the amount of food that a person needs at a meal. This means the 'typical' American who eats out for supper, will consume about 12 to 16 meals in their 3-4 times out each week. That's about double what they need for an entire week, except they're not skipping meals on the other 3-4 nights a week. That means the 'average' American who eats out, is getting 2 to 3 weeks of food for every week, of every year! No wonder our nation has become so 'overweight' in only a few decades.


People who have the diabetic gene, balloon out quickly on such a poor lifestyle of eating 2-3 weeks worth of food a week. It signals for them, based upon gene history, that this is the feast before the famine. They pack on the weight, and activate their diabetic, calorie conserving gene, and soon, any carbohydrate elevates their blood glucose level, and they store the unburned surgar as fat.


As they store fat, a signal to the brain encourages them to slow down their activities. With most Americans driving to where they go, very little, if any activity occurs. This extra fat fatigues most people, and causes many to become 'depressed'. Many people, to lift a 'depressed' mood, seek out and eat carbohydrates, which alter brain chemistry, to help a person to, 'feel better'. These unneeded carbs are then turned into fat, and the cycle starts all over! 


Teaching Children How to Activate Their Diabetic Gene


Diabetic adults, eating out at 'Jose's' teach these same abnormal eating habits to their diabetic gene carrying children. The diabetic gene in these children is activated after a person exceeds a certain amount of inactivity and body fat.


You've seen adults, and now children, who look like they have barrel chests, who have a really dark area of skin around their neck. This dark discoloration is caused by massive insulin levels in their body. This discoloration is called 'acanthosis nigricans' and is a guarantee, that if the excess fatty tissue isn't lost, and the person's activity increased, and soon, the person will have diabetes. It's like having a guarantee not in writting, on paper, but rather on the skin of their neck.


So, now we have people (read kids) gaining massive weight, who are producing massive amounts of insulin to 'try' to keep blood sugar under control, but they fail. Why?


Fatty tissue, and a number of other factors, including inactivity, fail to allow for insulin to take sugar into the cell. Finally, high Fructose Corn Syrup has a single pathway, versus many pathways which most other sugars have, in order to be broken down, into the simple sugars, the cells can use for energy.


High Fructose Corn Syrup


There are other complicating factors to remember: when a person drinks a Coca Cola or Pepsi, with high fructose corn syrup, their fructose level stays elevated for 36 hours after a single small can. Fructose has a single pathway for breakdown for use by the cells. But since most American have taught themselves and their kids, to prefer the large, or extra large size, then this single serving will tie up their ability to digest fructose for about 3 to 4 days. Now: imagine what another and another serving does? People's bodies are vastly stressed by this overload of fructose. Massive doses of fructose have never, in all of human history, ever occurred. To this burden, the body releases stress hormone, which causes the body to ballon out with fat, and to fail to properly use insulin. Your ancestors NEVER had high fructose corn sweetener in nearly everything they drank (so much for practicing traditions)! But your children with the diabetic gene do!


You've started a 'new' family tradition: teach your kids to KILL themselves by overeating, stuffiing themselves on carbohydrates, and drinking massive amounts of High Fructose Corn Syrup, a substance, which in large amounts, never existed in nature. YOU are actively involved in mental illness, if these behaviors describe you, and your curse of your own children. Yet we see these actions played out EVERY day in Santa Fe!


In this drama, the pancreas (which produces insulin) is pounded to produce more insulin, which continues the cycle, and eventually, the pancreas 'fatigues' and fails to produce enough insulin. Without enough insulin to carry sugar into the cells, the excess sugars, in the backed-up system (including the massive, and excessive amount of high fructose corn syrup) is turned into fat, causing the person to balloon out with more fat, and the cycle continues, and NEVER gets better, unless one very exact and specific event occurs (read below: The Main Event).


Comical History and Present:


One comical event from medical 'science': two decades ago, when many providers had a much less informed concept of what was actually occurring, many 'experts' claimed the problem with type II diabetes, was the pancreas was not producing enough insulin. Several drug companies, 'came to the rescue' and produced a number of drugs, including diabenese, glucotrol, glucorol XL, and diabeta, to pound the pancreas to produce even more insulin, from a beat-up organ that was fatigued, and failing. The drug companies and providers HAD defined a symptom, but missed the problem. All that these three drugs do is to drive a patient to needing injectable insulin sooner.


Unfortunately, to this day, we continue to receive patients from other practices, where patients remain on these decades old, 'won't work' drugs (diabeta, diabanese, glucotrol, and glucotrol XL), as though medical science has failed to advance in the past 2 decades. Our first task, is to educate patients as to what's going on, why they need to get off these 'less than ideal' medications, and to discuss newer alternatives, including: The Main Event.


Better, Type II Diabetic Treatments


Our 1st choice in treating people with the diabetic gene is: Activity, education, changing a person's (and their family's) relationship with food, and carbohydrates, and eating less food than one burns each day, and reaching for 'ideal body weight'.


Our 2nd choice is repeating all of the first choice!


Our 3rd choice, is repeating all of the second choice!


Our 4th choice, (do you get the idea, MAYBE the first three choices apply to you, and your family), is to teach you that 'jumping to conclusions' is not the same thing as a 'real' activity and exercise program! Sad thing is: most American, and most New Mexicans think 'jumping to conclusions' is all the activity they can do.


Fact is, the less you do, the weaker you'll get and the less you'll be able to do. Don't believe us? Go to any nursing home- you'll see first hand what inactivity does: it robs people of their mobility, their freedom, their independance, and their ability to do any activity without pain! Being 'lazy' and 'out of shape' is un-American, and it's un-New Mexican! Freedom is easy to lose, and hard, but worthwhile to get and to maintain!


Newer, Oral Medications, for Type 2 Diabetes


Metformin: Not only does this drug improve the body's ability to use insulin more effectively (an insulin sensitizer), it also reduces appetite. What's better: is this drug can NOT run your blood sugar too low (very un-like glucotrol, diabeta or diabenese drugs which CAN run sugar too low).


The biggest side effect of Metformin: 50% of the people who take it will have cramping, GI upset, nausea, and diarrhea. Within 2 to 3 weeks, these side effects resolve. The other 50% of patients will ask why we 'scared' them with these warnings- they didn't have any GI problems!


Please FOCUS: these oral meds are to augment, or to help, NOT to take the place of our original 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choices (above) in treating diabetes.


There are some AMAZING things Metformin does: It has MANY metabolic pathways it benefits. But, you'll never hear about these HUGE benefits, because the drug has gone generic.


For example: Metformin, from a study by Harvard researchers, reduced prostate cancer incidence by over 50% when taken regularly; it increased life span by 50% for those men with untreatable, metastatic, prostate cancer. For some people, that means dying in 24 months versus 12 months! Would you take a penny a day pill each day to live an extra year?


We've used Metformin to help women with very resistant acne, go from extremely scarred, rough, cystic, damaged skin: where they hide-their-faces with layers of make-up, to nearly peaches and cream complexion!


We've also used it, in part, to help patients with fertility issues, who could not become pregnant, to become very pregnant! In short, Metformin is one amazing drug, which continues to show multiple pathways of benefit and life extension!


DPP-4 Inhibitors: First in the Class is Januvia


Key postprandial (after meal) actions of insulin are mediated (controlled) through the polypeptide (a peptide is a small part of a protein) glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which is degraded (broken-down) by the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4). There are many beneficial effects of GLP-1's actions and it's metabolism. But, people with type-2 diabetes have impaired (weakened) secretion of GLP-1. The worse a person's insulin resistance is, the lower the GLP-1 level.


DPP-4 inhibitors such as Januvia, (sitagliptin) and Onglyza (saxagliptin) stop the body from 'breaking down' GLP-1, which the body has (in smaller amounts in diabetics). By allowing for more GLP-1 to remain, to have a positive effect on moving insulin into body cells, the blood sugar naturally returns to a lower, more 'normal' number. But, most important GLP-1 remains to work again with the next batch of sugar headed for use by the cells of the body.


In this way, the DPP-4 inhibitors help the body to use insulin more effectively, and can be used by people unable to tolerate certain GI side-effects with Metformin.


TZD's Pioglitizone (Actos) and Rosiglitazone (Avandia)


Two highly advertised drugs: both are associated with severe health complications: Actos caused heart failure and death. The Takeda drug company was ordered by the FDA to take Actos off the market: it was killing people. Now, Big Pharma company Glaxo Smith Kiline (GSK) has asked to keep Avandia 'on' the market, despite 52 different clinical studies looking at 16,995 people, showing a significant higher cause of heart attack from taking the drug. The only words for GSK's action to keep Actos on the market: irrational greed. It's well known TZD's were not highly effective, caused weight gain, and...kill people! Advice: never take either one. There are much more effective and safer drugs to treat diabetes.


'Other' Injectables: Byetta (exenatide) and  Victoza (liraglutide)


Both cause weight loss, and reduce blood sugar. Both have GI upset as a side effect. Both lower blood pressure (good for diabetes), improve pancreatic beta cell function and improve lipids (cholesterol) by 5-24%! All good things in diabetes!


Byetta has a moderately higher than 'usual' history of causing near life-threatening and life-threatening pancreatitis (inflamming the pancreas- which makes insulin). Pancreatitis has an up to 50% mortality (death) rate. Byetta has to be used 2x/day, and has a higher incidence of nausea.


Victoza is 'easier' for most patients to use, (once a day) is newer, and has less GI side effects, and therefore, greater use. The company which makes Victoza, will be seeking FDA and European approval for use of Victoza for weight loss. We have several patients on Victoza who are very happy!


An Insulin Precurser: Symlin


Symlin, is an amazing injectable drug. While it has to be given about 15 minutes before a meal, that's 3 times a day: it has a reported 20 to 30 pound (fatty tissue) weight loss a month, when used correctly, at high enough dose.


We've used Symlin for weight loss: the major draw-back is the $1,200/month price-tag, just for the medication. Next, as mentioned, it must be taken 3 times a day before meals. However, the user, honestly, won't be hungry.


For use with insulin: Symlin (synthetic Amylin) is an insulin precurser: that means it enhances the ability of the body to use insulin providing a hormone (amlyin) which the beta cells of the pancreas makes, before the cells can effectivly use insulin.


Problems: Amylin production is lost before insulin production is lost (many doctors and other health care providers do not know this basic and crucial bit of science). Many doctors and health care providers have NEVER once used Symlin. They have no clue what it does, how to dose it, when to use it, and how to use it!


Without Amylin, the body will persist in problems using insulin. Next problem: Symlin is not approved (by insurers) for use in diabetics, until they inject 100 I.U. of insulin per day, (a massive insulin dose), reflecting huge insulin resistance. That said, we have diabetic patients on Symlin.


Old Science (also known as science fiction)


Back in 'the old days' before we had Levemir, a truely 24 hour, background insulin, and Novolog, a true, immediate release insulin; the insulin drug companies came up with 'long acting' (Lente) 12 hour insulin. The 'Lente' was mixed 70% Lente with 30% 'old school' regular insulin. The twice-a-day70/30 cocktail nearly guaranted two 'low' readings each day, (bad anough for diabetics to self administer sugar or candy twice a day), and two highs, above 200-250mg/dl range, high enough they'd receive 'additional' 'regular' short acting insulin twice a day.


That made 'old school' 4 shots a day, and two lows and two highs (also known as out-of control, control). Some people ended up in the ICU in insulin shock! What's so pathetic: that same 70/30 cocktail is available and used through-out the U.S., (and Santa Fe) as though the last 5 years of science have not happened!


Any health care provider who understands science, and stays 'up-to-date' would NEVER use this, old-school, dangerous and ineffective treatment.


New School: Science


When a person 'loses' their insulin, they lose 'two' types. The first insulin lost is background insulin. Background insulin takes care of providing cells energy, by escorting sugar into each cell, to provide for basic biologic functions, such as respirations and heart beat, GI function, kidney function, and all of the biological activities which the body does 24/7. We use Levemir insulin to provide the closest to human background insulin as is available. Lantus, another '24 hour' background insulin has WAY more advertising than Levemir- and Lantus needs to. Lantus does not mimic certain critical features which Levemir does. Those of us who read, and research, do not use Lantus (Lantus also increases the risk for several cancers). We take patients off of Lantus (while an apple and a pineapple both have the same 'root' word- they are not related and are not at all 'like' one another: Lantus is not 'like' Levemir.


At the bottom of this section is the full article from the journal Diabetes Care, from September 2010, which proves a strong relationship between getting cancer and using Lantus insulin: the most heavily advertised insulin in all of history! It also proves the prevention of cancer by using Metformin, a generic pill that's preventing prostate cancer in people with and without diabetes. Read the article if you like facts and statistics. Look also at our question as to why Lantus has been so heavily advertised.


Bolus Insulin: the second insulin lost is mealtime insulin, (taken all at once or, bolus, with a meal). Novolog, is an immediate release insulin, and is administered based upon a pre-meal 'sliding scale', given before meals, (bolus- all at once) and acts to control blood sugar, when used with Levemir. Novolog is used to replace insulin required to take care of extra carbohydtares eaten with a meal.


Taken Together: The treatment called Basal/Bolus insulin therapy, (Levemir/Novolog) is the 'ideal' therapy. While this therapy has been around for 5 years, and we've practiced it for the last 5 years, most patients in Santa Fe have never heard of it: neither have their providers. Many providers do not know how to do it, how to manage it, and have not used basal/bolus insulin therapy with patients.


Receiving safe, and up-to-date diabetic care provides you an excellent reason to come to Adobe Family Practice to have your diabetes properly evaluated and treated.


So, as a Diabetic, What Can You Eat?


Many providers and dietitians make a 'diabetic diet' with specific meal plans. That way of 'living' is too anxiety producing and cramped. Most people will not follow such a way of eating, because the providers have made simple things WAY too complex.


The 'Simple Plan' we use: you need to eat protein, and some fat on, or in the meal. A portion size for your protein choice is as big as the palm of your hand and could be: steak, hamburger, bision, wild game, chicken, pork, lobster, crab, shrimp, or fish (basically any meat or seafood will do), with the portion being as large as the palm of your hand (not the entire hand, just the palm)--that's about 3.5-4 ounces. That protein should be consumed 3x/day.


Next, have any amount of vegetables, cooked however you like, except, not fried.


Next, have fruit: fresh or frozen (not canned in high fructose corn syrup), 2x/day.


You can have milk or milk products (no ice cream), and may have an 'adult beverage', we advise red wine, each nite with supper. Water or tea, no sugar, is also good.


What to avoid: ice cream, and most all carbs- no rice, beans, pasta, noodles, potato, bread, pastry, or cereal products.


Next advice: cook together on Sunday for the coming week or two: don't make 1 or 2 chicken breasts, make a dozen, put most in the freezer (along with a veggie in a microwavable container). Next cook up some beef, then some seafood, some pork, next some wild game-- again making a dozen meals for each.


Now, when you eat at home anyone can 'eat off the menu' and have what the others are eating, or something different. This is freedom. You'll also find, when you do the math, you've saved about 2-3 hours of meal prep and clean-up every day. Now you have an extra 12-18 hours a week to do something other than cook and clean-up each nite!


Finally, part of a healthy diabetic lifestyle is to be physically active. We have a special, but simple, activity of walking in place which burns as many calories as if you were running! Remember how you said you had no time to do any 'activity' each day- you can now walk for 30 to 45 minutes and still have 1 to 2 hours each night to do 'something else'! Come on by to learn how to walk in place and 'run' off your calories at the same time! Freedom from Diabetes: now, that is freedom! 


Below is the article from the journal Diabetes Care, September 2010, which proves a higher risk of cancer from using Lantus; it also proves cancer prevention with the use of Metformin. Read the entire article if you like statistics and details. One statistic: no other insulin has been as highly advertised as Lantus: is it possible, that instead of voluntarily removing a harmful drug, Sanofi Aventis wants to make massive profits, and after paying out for deaths from cancer they'll still be left with Billions of dollars in profit?

Cancer Risk with Lantus insulin
Diabetes Care Study, from September 2010 proving cancer relationship with use of Lantus insulin. Also proves cancer prevention with use of Metformin.
Cancer Risk with Lantus Insulin.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [7.2 MB]

The Main Event

The Main Event: for diabetes control, is getting to the highest level organ that controls metabolic function in the body. The Hypothalmus, located deep within the brain, is the 'master organ' of all the hormone producing and controlling organs in the body.


The Hypothalmus controls the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the pancreas, the adrenals, and the testis (or ovaries). There is only one human hormone which controlls function, in the Hypothalmus, for regulating energy production.


Our team, at Adobe Family Practice, has documented using one exactly dosed, specific human hormone, to double and triple energy use and production by the Hypothalmus! This human hormone is safe, and every human alive has been exposed to several million units of this hormone, without adverse effect,


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), is used to reset the Hypothalmus, and it's many, lesser, hormone producing organs. We've personally documented over 300 people in the past 19 months who've lost 20 to 40 pounds over 30 to 40 day periods of treatment.


In diabetics, this HCG treatment can drastically reduce weight, like no other substance can, and at about 1/2 the cost of Symlin. Doctor A.T.W. Simeons is the physician who developed the program for using HCG for weight loss, and did so, starting about 70 years ago, having successfully treated over 100,000 people. We recognize and honor this great scientist by naming our protocol, using his therapy, as Adobe's Simeons Weight Loss Protocol Program.


Seventy years ago, Dr Simeons realized people were eating wrong and heading towards eating WAY too many carbohydrates. His program, after weight loss, is to maintain a physically active lifestyle, while maintaining a diet very very low in carbohydrates. Please use this as your opportunity to come by the office at Adobe Family Practice, for the most 'advanced' treatment for diabetes, which has been well tested and proven for the past 70 years, to also be the most successful weight loss program in all of recorded history! Our patients, who've lost thousands of pounds, together, welcome you to join them on your future, successful journey forward, towards a healthier you!

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a horribly painful condition. It begins with numbness, a loss of feeling, or sensation, then progresses to pain. The pain then becomes so severe that it prevents walking or any activity. This level of pain can go on for years!


Over a period of months to years, the pain starts to go away. While many people are happy with the pain going away, they are not  happy with what comes next: That numbness that first appeared, returns, then less and less sensation, then no sensation or feeling. The feet feel cold to the touch: they've lost the normal healthy circulation they need to keep the nerves alive. Once a person's feet have no sensation, the worst part happens next.


Once there's no sensation, because there's less blood supply, less blood supply than nerves need to survive: then the nerves are dying or dead. Next an injury will occur, the person won't feel the injury, and because they notice nothing ,and there's a poor blood supply to the foot: the injury becomes worse.


With a worsening of the injury, and very limited circulation, an open wound forms. Since there is not adequate blood supply to the area, the area does not heal, and the wound becomes larger. It is not unusual for a diabetic to have a wound or ulcer on their foot for 2 or 3 years. In fact, on the Microvas page you'll see where a man, in his 60's, had an open diabetic foot ulcer for 2 years! The 'experts' told him there was no hope, and he should have an amputation. Fortunately, this gentleman wanted a better answer than 'no hope', and he used Microvas Regeneration Therapy to completely heal his large diabetic foot ulcer. Over a 12 week period the ulcer healed and he had a full return of normal healthy pink circulation to his foot!


Six months after his therapy, our Diabetic Gentleman's foot was still a healthy pink color with full sensation restored and it remained warm to the touch. Never let anyone steal your hope!

Microvas Therapy

Microvas employs a biphasic energy source to create a powerful pulsed waveform. The waveform penetrates deep within the body and acts upon cellular membranes to release growth factors from their 'stable resting state' on the cellular membrane, which results in a significant regeneration of most tissue types between the two energy pads; and results in angiogenesis (creation of new arterioles-small arteries taking blood from the heart to the new tissues, venules-small veins taking blood from the new tissue back to the heart, and new lymph vessels which serve to remove waste products and debris from the healing area); as well as immediately increasing blood flow to and from the injured area by 150 to 1,000 percent. Included in the mix of new tissues created are new nerves- which allow for the improvement or resolution of neuropathy and other neurologic damage!


The intensity of the pulsed waveform is variable, with treatments lasting 45 minutes, usually three times a week for 6 to 12 weeks for most conditions. Click on the PDF below for more information.

Microvas Vascular and Tissue Therapy
Click on the PDF Icon and review a slide presentation on one of Medicine's most Amazing Tissue and Vascular Regeneration and Healing Therapies ever encountered!
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'Newer' Long Acting Insulin (Lantus) Causes Cancer!

In an article from the journal: Diabetes Care, Volume 3, Number 9, September 2010, the 'new' long acting insulin 'Lantus' increases the incidence of many cancers. Perhaps one of the largest compilations of statistics and objective data on short and long acting insulins, as well as a listing for a diabetic agent which lowers cancer risk were identified, and the summary of data were proven to a level beyond doubt.


Here you are, or your family member is, trying to get their blood sugar under control, using a 'safer' long acting insulin, like 'Lantus', and it turns out there's a serious increase in the risk of cancer. Understand, diabetics, because of certain dysfunctional metabolic pathways being activated, suffer from an already higher risk for cancers. Now, while trying to lower their blood sugar with a 'newer, safer' agent, it turns out Lantus is 'newer' but not 'safer'.


That's the 'bad' news. The good news: there is NO increase in the incidence of cancer with the use of long acting Levemir (the other 'new' insulin) which is far superior to old school NPH as well as far safer than Lantus. At our office, we're not using Lantus due to the higher cancer risk, as well as certain other 'problems' Lantus has. We're switching patients from Lantus to Levemir for safety.


Finally, and once again, this huge study proved, across the board, that multiple cancer risks dropped when the very safe (and now generic drug) Metformin is used. Known best for cutting the risk for prostate cancer by 50%, it also reduced nearly every cancer identified. So, if you're at all interested in reducing your own cancer risk, Metformin has another supportive study indicating it can be used simply for the cancer prevention aspects of the drug. 


Take Home Message: Do not use Lantus, as it increases a number of risks for cancer. Levemir is a VERY safe alternative to NPH and Lantus therapy. Finally, many families have a history of various cancers. Metformin has, again, been proven to reduce the risk for many cancers. Metformin appears more valuable as a cancer prevention drug than simply as a diabetic drug. (As a note, for those without diabetes, Metformin will not abnormally lower your blood sugar).