In Office Emergent & Urgent Care

You and your family should always feel welcome. When the 'going gets tough' we can provide many of the same services offered at the best hospital ER's and we provide this high level of service because you and your family deserve this higher level of care!


Who wants to sit and wait on an ER gurney for 6 hours to 'maybe' be seen?

Severely Short of Breath? We Offer Nebulizer Treatments!

Whether it's these nasty fires during 2017 that have you wheezing or other severe allergy symptoms causing a severe shortness of breath, at Adobe we've got you covered! We provide nebulizer treatments with all of the medications found in a fine quality ER or ICU. We have expert Medical Assistants who provide the safe and well monitored services.


You can receive steroid shots which aggressively stop the severe reactions people often get when breathing contaminated air during certain allergic episodes. When the worse breathing episodes occur, we save you time and money on an ER visit- come by the office: we provide a priority for acutely ill patients.


Know that when you or a family member has a 'problem' we've already treated several hundred cases like yours over the past 3 decades. We have that 'depth and breadth' of experience, and compassion your and your family deserve!

Most Serices Available Monday thru Saturday

Since we're open from 12 noon until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. on Saturday, you'll likely be able to 'time' even your most urgent and emergent needs to fit into our great open schedule! As usual, we have 'scheduled' appointments and 'walk-in' or 'work-in' appointments. So how 'serious' are we about these 'work-in' appointments?


Last evening we were in the office, seeing all scheduled and 'work-in' patients until... 10:46 p.m.! Yes, that's a new 'record' and beats the old 10:30 p.m. record set last year at this same time. That means we 'give a damn' about our patients. We 'go to the mat', we 'deliver' on or committment and we see what we do as 'a calling' and it's why we have such deep compassion for our patients.


So, is that why last night we had a new patient who came to see us, who just arrived from India? Yes, and this patient could have arranged to be seen 'anywhere' including the Mayo Clinic, but instead chose here!


Three months ago, another patient arrived from the beautiful and serene Fiji Islands. Again, this patient had the time and money to see 'anyone', including those at the 'Mayo Clinic' and instead choose to come here!


What does this mean? It means, that as the Mayo Clinic formed in a small Minnesota town of about 50,000 a few decades ago, the Adobe group is forming in a similar way in Santa Fe, a city of about 50,000 as though history is well repeating itself so we may provide care in a compassionate, caring and thorough manner.


Those were the original goals of the Mayo Clinic working group: these are our same goals! And these are our same goals everyday! We love waking up each beautiful and glorious day in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the pleasure and opportunity to help our patients each and every day!

Overview of Urgent and Emergency After Hours Service

As we've discussed we're available 6 of 7 days, but everyone needs at least a single day of rest. So it is, that on Sunday, or during late night or early morning hours, if you can not wait, then head over to see the folks at the emergency room.


But let's also be clear: an emergency is not something that's uncomfortable, or something that keeps you awake. By definition: an emergency is a condition, which if not 'emergently' treated could lead to loss of bodily fiunction or death.


Insurance will get more strict about this definition over the next few years and we already know that use and abuse of Emergency room services is soaring. Having audited Emergency Room visits, about 90% of ER visits were NOT emergent. Most ER visits were done 'for convience' as in people believed they could get in and out 'easy'. Insurance, including State insurance is soon going to 'deny' services for ER visits that are not emergent.


So, let's get it right: we've defined urgent and emergent. We know that 90% of all 'ER' visits were a waste of time, and that walking in the door of the ER costs the hospital about $1 thousand each for every visit. Do you personally have that kind of money? Soon people are going to be told 'go home' and see your PCP (Primary Care Provider in the morning (or at noon)).


Our country does not have the money to burn on unnecessary ER visits, and we all need to act as more responsible adults. We owe our children a blank sheet, rather than a debt laden 'you owe money' sheet by showing some maturity and responsibility. We are encouraging each person reading this to rise to a higher level of being and a higher level of responsibility. It's 'just the right thing to do'.


Finally, for truely emergent cases outside of our regular office hours:

  • Being open 6 days a week, it is easy to schedule an appointment, or if an urgent or emergent need arises, we have same day walk-in/work-in appointments;
  • After hours, for true emergencies, call 911;
  • After hours, for urgent problems, go to St Vincient's Emergency Room, or your nearest Hospital E.R. Many of your problems may be treated at the E.R.;
  • If you need to be admitted, a Hospitalist (a provider who specializes in treating people while they're in the hospital- especially the ICU), will attend to you. The Hospitalist will coordinate the services of specialists and will provide excellent care, and will send us a report once you are discharged;
  • Follow-up with us at our office within a week or less, whenever you have gone to the E.R. or after you are discharged from the hospital.

Finally, thank you all for exercising the maturity to wisely and smartly use your time and money resources in a way that does not burden our children in the future.


Also, thank you for providing a mature and reasoned approach to health care by living and teaching a wise use of resources to your children. Your consideration and thoughtfulness and wise guidance is a gift your children will cherish and value for many years!