Family Practice for Santa Fe, New Mexico

For you and for your family we're the only Family Practice in Santa Fe which was created to provide service during hours that working people need. We're open Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 8 p.m. That means instead of burning vacation time, you can save your vacation time and come to Adobe!


As a Family Practitice, we have a broad range of services from check-ups to treatment. If you have arthritis or asthma; back pain or carpal tunnel; bronchitis or strep throat; dengue fever or diabetes; edema or hypertension; incontinence or insomnia; joint pain or kidney infection; menopause or neuropathy; thyroid problems or urinary tract infections--then we can help! On Saturday mornings, we perform minor office surgery and cut out those worrisome skin cancers more common at high altitude. We provide in-office urgent nebulizer treatments, steroid shots, and antibiotics to help you to stay healthy and out of the E.R and the ICU!


In a recent study: of the 33 million Americans hospitalized each year-- 1 million people suffered a life threatening complication from being in the hospital--up to and including death! Obviously, you'll be safer never going to a hospital!


Best of all we always will make work-in visits. That means, even when our schedule is swamped, you and your family are welcome to come in and be seen that same day. We stay open as late as is needed for our patients, (the latest we've stayed is 10:46 P.M.--an hour shy of mid-night)!


We firmly believe we have a calling and are here to do the most for you and for your family and to deliver the best and safest care possible. We continue to see new patients and we accept nearly all insurance plans. We know that some insurance plans pay 'much less' than what some other plans pay and we're aware that Medicare and Medicaid pay less than other health plans. We still continue to see new patients from all plans and all private pay patients because we believe it's just the right thing to do. In short: you're welcome to come here and to bring your family, and your extended family.


We're in a less than ideal economy. If your health insurance plan is 'less than ideal', we're going to go the extra mile to help you fell welcome. You did not make this economy. You did not make your employer or the government make a less than ideal health insurance plan. But we're going to take good care of you and your family-- because it's just the right thing to do.


Come on by and bring your family to join us and you can belong to one of the sweetest Family Practice's in the Santa Fe area!


There are also many services we provide which nobody else in the next 500 miles provides! For example, we're the only New Mexico facility specializing in Microvas Therapy which is 95% effective in improving or resolving: carpal tunnel; neuropathy; diabetic neuropathy; plantar fasciitis; frozen shoulder; rotator cuff injuries; cervical, thoracic, and lumbar (low back) disc pain and disc tears; hip pain; incontinence; peripherial neuropathy (burning or pain in the legs); and diabetic wounds.


And for those of you looking to shed 10 or 110 pounds, we offer the Simeons Protocol HCG Weight Loss Program! Patients are averaging 20-40 pounds of weight loss over 30 to 40 day treatment periods! And, for those folks who "only" want to lose 10-15 pounds, we have our 15 day Simeons Protocol. Best of all, we'll PAY YOU to lose weight! That's right--we're the only Family Practice that regularly pays almost everyone who does our Simeons programs!


Or you or your partner may need Bio-identical Hormone therapy replacement treatment for men or for women to help with: endometriosis, painful periods, menopause, andropause, or erectile problems. We've treated thousand of patients with serious problems associated with losing their natural hormones as they've aged. Our program can help you look and feel decades younger!

Medical Corner: Update on Chronic Pain

Many patients have told us they have severe or chronic pain and that other doctors have told them 'nothing is wrong'. We perform a thorough history and physical exam and we find the legitimate reasons for the pain.


Most people have a variety of complex (yet treatable) medical reasons for their chronic pain or fatigue, or problems initiating or staying asleep. Our medical director is a scientist who will pursue the ultimate in evaluation and will identify various treatment modalities to help you.


Let's be clear: we are not here to provide people with narcotics or drugs who are drug seeking. We particapate in the New Mexico and Federal "look-up" programs to identify potential drug abusers. If you have a legitimate health problem--including chronic pain stop by for an evaluation.


If your name is Jerome Block- or if you have a drug addiction- your primary problem is NOT pain. Jerome Block had emotional pain- pain he medicated with narcotics and booze. People can get in over their head with narcotics and alcohol. These same people still need help. We're not a drug treatment program--but we've helped HUNDREDS of people to get off addictive drugs and alcohol and we help them to get their life back! We wish all the best for Jerome Block- and for people with his level of emotional pain.


Weight Loss: Simeons HCG Protocol

Our Simeons Weight loss Program continues its' excellent success rate for our patients! Started in January of 2010, this program has helped over 1,800 people lose on average 20-40 pounds in 30 to 40 days of treatment. We also have a 15 day Simeons program for those who "only" want to lose 10-15 pounds. Best of all, most everyone gets PAID to lose weight--that's right--we're the only Family Practice that will PAY YOU to lose weight! Want to "earn" $100, $200, $300, $400-- then this is the ideal weight loss program for you!


Patients who've used the program have gotten off diabetic medications, thyroid meds, high blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds!


Click on the weight loss tab above, to access the full information on how the program works. The 'Simeons Protocol' is a 57 page 'good read' you can enjoy. Or you can stop by the office and pick up a hard copy of the Simeons Protocol today!


Some people are getting 'homeopathic' HCG drops from their Gym, or Tannng Salon. As you know, the Gym and Tanning Salon are not your best choice for getting safe medical care.


Homeopathic drops will have 1/1,000th to 1/100,000th of the required dose (to safely use HCG as required for weight loss). The prescription dose of HCG is 125 iu/day for safe medical weight loss. Only a medically monitored weight loss program, using a prescriptive dose of HCG is assocaited with the safe and highly successful weight loss of the Simeons Protocol. Please avoid 'do it yourself home weight loss' programs. Weight loss programs need to be safely monitored by a licensed health care provider who provides a thorough evaluation prior to beginning such a program.


Remember: Before beginning any physical activity program, come and see us for an evaluation to make sure you can safely participate. In the Army at the rifle range we'd always say: Ready, Aim, Fire! We'd never say Fire!, Aim, Ready. Your first stop before going to the Gym or work-outs is to get 'ready'. Stop by for that 'exam' --you've been meaning to get done.  

Safe Acclimation to High Altitude and High Altitude Sickness

The Causes of Altitude Sickness


Some background information you need: The percentage of oxygen, in the atmosphere, at sea level, is 21%. The barometric pressure (air pressure exerted on the body) is 760 mm/hg.


At the Santa Fe ski basin, where the altitude, at the top of the chair lift is above 12,000 feet, the percentage of oxygen (21%) remains the same, but the number of molecules per breath is reduced. At 12,000 feet, the barometric pressure (pushing air into the lungs) drops to 480 mm/hg (from 760 mm/hg at sea level): that’s about 37% fewer oxygen molecules per breath. The body then adjusts to deeper and more rapid breaths.


In addition, to lower air pressure, high altitude (above 12,000 feet) can cause fluids to leak from small blood vessels (capillaries) into both the lungs and the brain. These fluids can ‘build-up’ and cause abnormal pressure changes and tissue damage.


Who has the Highest Capital in the Country?


While Denver, Colorado calls itself the, ‘Mile high City’, remember a mile is 5,280 feet. Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the highest Capital in the United States. Santa Fe sits at 7,000 feet above sea level. The barometric pressure is about 589 mm/hg, that’s about 23% fewer oxygen molecules per breath, than at sea level.


Sports and Alcohol at Altitude


While at altitude, if you like to swing a golf club, your ball will fly about 15% farther and straighter (less air resistance). You’ll also feel the effects of alcohol more: 1 drink at altitude has the same effect as 3 or 4 at sea level! If you find yourself asking the ‘Tarbender’ (bartender) to bring you another drink-take an UBER back to the motel.


If you’re a runner or jogger, and typically run or jog 10 miles a day at home, plan on only 4 miles at altitude. For the 90% of the remainder of us, who walk much less distance- you’ll need to pace yourself: Plan on doing about 60% of what you’d ‘like’ to do. You’ll not be exhausted, and you’ll enjoy your time here much more.


Water and Food


Water, which boils at 212 degrees F at sea level, boils at 199 degrees F. in Santa Fe! Your coffee will actually be cooler than usual.


Drinking increased amounts of water during your trip to Santa Fe is a wise choice. We’ve found 2 to 3 liters/day works well for most people. However, as you drink more water, your body will require more sodium salt and potassium salt to keep your electrolytes (positive and negative charged elements which make ‘everything’ in the body work right), need to be increased to prevent diluting them and causing weakness or fatigue from a dilution of your blood volume, from the increased fluid volume.


Some food advice: salt your food more than usual. Eat bananas, avocado (guacamole counts), cantaloupe, dried fruit, tomatoes, and this last one will be hard: chocolate. That’s right, eating chocolate will increase your potassium level- you knew there was a scientific reason for NEEDING to eat chocolate. You now have full scientific justification!


Fluid Loss and Dehydration


The low humidity of the high desert climate will cause ‘imperceptible’ (you don’t notice it) water loss. You’ll find it harder to break a sweat at a high, dry, altitude. You can’t judge fluid loss on weather you sweat or not. Again, you’ll need to drink about 2 to 3 liters a day.


The Beautiful Blue Sky and the Altitude


Is the sky bluer? Yes it is, due to having much less water vapor (low humidity), also there’s less atmosphere to see through, and because much of the man-made pollution is nearer sea level, or lower level areas: so you'll see some of the bluest sky you've ever seen!


Looks pretty: but is there a risk with being closer to the sun (7,000 ft closer than sea level)? Yes, there’s 37% more solar radiation exposure at this altitude. That means: wear a wide brimmed hat to cover head, face, ears, and back of the neck- most New Mexico cowboys don’t wear their hats for good looks. Wear SPF 30 or better on sun exposed areas of your arms and legs. Sunburn looks BAD on everyone!


If you’re not a ‘local’, then the reasonable precautions above should make your stay here safe and enjoyable.


If you’re a ‘local’ you need to keep an eye out for ‘new spots’ on your skin, or changes in size, shape, or color to your existing ‘spots’. Any skin spots that change, or anything that’s ‘new’ needs to be looked at by a professional (your friend at the health food store does not count). As always, anything that’s darker than other spots, or a ‘spot’ that ‘just doesn’t look right’ needs to be evaluated.


Routinely, and regularly, each Saturday morning we perform minor surgery to remove these abnormal lesions. Many have come back as cancerous. Since the entire area plus an area of ‘healthy tissue’ surrounding the abnormal area is removed, that area is now safe. However, once a person has skin cancer, they’re at a greater risk for developing another skin cancer.


Most Visitors and Altitude


Most visitors to Santa Fe will not develop any problems greater than those mentioned above.  If you have a headache, you may take Tylenol 1,000 mg 2 times a day or Naprosyn 660 mg 2 times a day for about 2-3 days.  For most ‘symptomatic’ people, that should resolve the problem.


Altitude Sickness


The simplest and fastest way for persistent altitude sickness treatment, is descent to a lower altitude. Our nearby friends in Albuquerque are at 5,352 ft (still higher than ‘mile high’ 5,280 ft Denver). However, you’d be decreasing your altitude by 1,648 feet, which is greater than the ‘advised’ 1,000 feet minimum descent, to medically treat altitude sickness!


After 2-3 days in Albuquerque, and some local sight seeing at some terrific sites there, you’d be ‘ready’ to rise to the 7,000 foot altitude in Santa Fe. This treatment alone should resolve most problems. Barometric pressure at 5,352 feet is about 625 mm/hg, and represents 18% fewer oxygen molecules per breath, than at sea level, and a RISE of 5% more oxygen molecules per breath, (from a 23% loss at 7,000 ft  to 18% loss at 5,352 ft). 


Diuretics and Steroids to treat Altitude Sickness


People, who have been at much higher altitudes, have used both with success.


That said, diuretics can make dehydration, in the high desert worse. If you’ve been given diuretic (water pills) by somebody ‘trying’ to help you adjust to the altitude, we’d advise starting with the wise advice at the top of this article, instead.


Steroids are advised by some ‘experts’ for twice a day use. That advice is not best! Anyone who takes a steroid in the evening will likely have a problem going to sleep and staying asleep, and usually suffer from night sweats while on the evening steroid dosing. The Best way to take a steroid is under medical supervision, and steroids should only be taken in the morning.


Oxygen Supplementation


If you think you need oxygen, at altitude, stop by the office immediately. We will perform an oxygen saturation test, and will immediately know if you have a problem.


People on ‘Medications’ with Concerns


Make a same day work-in appointment: we’ll go over your symptoms and meds together and see what needs to be done.

Our Range of services


New Mexico has excellent MD's, DO's, PA's and NP's who come here for the great climate and for the commadarie in practice. Adobe Family Practice has patients coming from overseas places such as India and from Pacific Island pardises such as Bali and we also have folks from all over New Mexico, from Colorado, California, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and South and Central America who could be seen at any expert facility in North America but instead chose to be seen at Adobe Family Practice. They come to this beautiful town and to our facility because we listen and we care. We also get outstanding results because we have technology many others do not have and we have a medical director with over 30 years of scientific experience with outstanding outcomes. 


What we possess is a wealth of people who we care for and whom we care about. Our 'portfolio' will never be as 'large' as one on Wall Street, but we know it's worth far more than gold or silver, even in a down economy. Our patients are sedate, calm, active, wild, and down right 'out there' which is what makes Santa Fe and this great State of New Mexico such a wonderful place to live each day!


Our Medical Director is an NP who's gotten more decades of practical experience than most would require and actually 'gives a damn' about how our patients are doing.

Our Many Services

Here, you can find out about some of the services we provide - from diagnosis to therapy:

  • General Family Health Care and Individual Annual Exams
  • Evaluation and follow-up visits for:

Arthritis (including gout)

Asthma, Allergy, Sinus and Respiratory Infections

Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Carpal Tunnel therapy- we have a treatment that's 95% effective without surgery

Diabetes and Diabetic Complications

Using 'Basal/Bolus' Insulin Therapy to control difficult or advanced Diabetes cases
Using Symlin therapy to control complicated Diabetes cases

Diabetic Neuropathy treatment (Burning/Pain) of the feet-therapy is 95% effective

Dermatologic or skin problems-- including rashes and infections 

Ear Nose and Throat problems

GastroIntestinal- swallowing, stomach pain, or colon (GI) problems

Heart or chest pain, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol

Injuries, sprains, strains

Kidney infections or Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Lacerations, cuts, and complicated wound care

Lumbar or low back injuries- therapy to repair injured or torn discs

Mucsle, Tendon and Ligament strains/sprains

Nerve pain, Neurpoathy (feet on fire)- 95% effective treatment without surgery

Orthopedic problems

Pediatric conditions from colds and ear infections to asthma and pneumonia

Respiratory infections and nebulizer treatments (office and home)

Sinus problems

Skin Cancer

Surgery- scheduled minor surgery on Saturday mornings

Thyroid conditions and iodine testing

Urinary tract Infections (UTI's)

Upper Respiratory Infections (URI's)

Vaccines- children and adults-without methyl mercury vaccines (safe)

Wound Care- acute and chronic

  • Allergy Testing-Food Allergies and Environmental Allergy testing
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • ABI (Ankle Brachial Index Testing) and EKG Testing
  • IV and IM Antibiotics
  • Microvas Vascular and Tissue Regeneration Therapy
  • Minor Office Surgery
  • Nebulizer Therapy (Albuterol, Atrovent, Pulmocort, Xopenex)
  • Simeons Protocol Weight Loss Program
  • Vaccinations- for Children, Teens, and Adults