Painful and Destructive Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a horribly painful condition. It begins with numbness, a loss of feeling, or sensation, then progresses to pain. The pain then becomes so severe that it prevents walking or any activity. This level of pain can go on for years!


Over a period of months to years, the pain starts to go away. While many people are happy with the pain going away, they are not  happy with what comes next: That numbness that first appeared, returns, then less and less sensation, then no sensation or feeling. The feet feel cold to the touch: they've lost the normal healthy circulation they need to keep the nerves alive. Once a person's feet have no sensation, the worst part happens next.


Once there's no sensation, because there's less blood supply, less blood supply than nerves need to survive: then the nerves are dying or dead. Next an injury will occur, the person won't feel the injury, and because they notice nothing ,and there's a poor blood supply to the foot: the injury becomes worse.


With a worsening of the injury, and very limited circulation, an open wound forms. Since there is not adequate blood supply to the area, the area does not heal, and the wound becomes larger. It is not unusual for a diabetic to have a wound or ulcer on their foot for 2 or 3 years. In fact, on the Microvas page you'll see where a man, in his 60's, had an open diabetic foot ulcer for 2 years! The 'experts' told him there was no hope, and he should have an amputation. Fortunately, this gentleman wanted a better answer than 'no hope', and he used Microvas Regeneration Therapy to completely heal his large diabetic foot ulcer. Over a 12 week period the ulcer healed and he had a full return of normal healthy pink circulation to his foot!


Six months after his therapy, our Diabetic Gentleman's foot was still a healthy pink color with full sensation restored and it remained warm to the touch. Never let anyone steal your hope!

Microvas Therapy to Heal Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Microvas employs a biphasic energy source to create a powerful pulsed waveform. The waveform penetrates deep within the body and acts upon cellular membranes to release growth factors from their 'stable resting state' on the cellular membrane, which results in a significant regeneration of most tissue types between the two energy pads; and results in angiogenesis (creation of new arterioles-small arteries taking blood from the heart to the new tissues, venules-small veins taking blood from the new tissue back to the heart, and new lymph vessels which serve to remove waste products and debris from the healing area); as well as immediately increasing blood flow to and from the injured area by 150 to 1,000 percent. Included in the mix of new tissues created are new nerves- which allow for the improvement or resolution of neuropathy and other neurologic damage!


The intensity of the pulsed waveform is variable, with treatments lasting 45 minutes, usually three times a week for 6 to 12 weeks for most conditions. Click on the PDF below for more information.

Click on the PDF Icon and review a slide presentation on one of Medicine's most Amazing Tissue and Vascular Regeneration and Healing Therapies ever encountered!
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Four Scienfific Studies Supporting Microvas Use in Wound and Tissue Injury Healing

Four scientific articles appear below as PDF's so you can review the entire data in each article. What's critical is that Microvas, a bi-phasic faradic energy field, has been scientifically proven to work, and to work better than other therapies, in study after study.


Also included, after the four studies, is a fifth study that was completed at the Veteran's Hospital in San Antonio. We have the preliminary data and write-up which had been gathered, which strongly supports Microvas therapy. However, a study author took all data to Lousiana to complete the final write-up before submission to a professional journal. Then man died, and the study data was not recovered. The data from the preliminary study are still valid and the people still benefited. Take a look. We beleive the huge benefits cited and have, since 1994, seen healing of wounds, injuries of all types, and seen human suffering improved or resolved with this technology.


Lower on this page you'll also find a list of 119 conditions where Microvas therapy has benefitted patients. One look at the photos in the PDF (above) or the Article by Dr Burdge say a thousand words of a wound most would 'write off' as untreatable- yet Microvas healed or helped heal the wound, or the condition. In our quest to continue to grow our 'tool chest' of therapies Microvas is one sharp tool in the tool chest.


The Role of High Voltage Pulsed Electrical Stimulation in Limb Salvage for Diabetic Patients
Dr J. Burdge in words and photos shows the benefits of Microvas therapy in his presentation to the 21st Annual Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and the Wound Healing Society, held at San Diego CA, in
Diabetic Limb Salvage Dr J. Burdge Apr [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.6 MB]
Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Wound Healing in Patients With Diabetic Ulcers
Asymmetric biphasic energy (Microvas) resulted in a 60% greater healing of diabetic wounds.
Biphasic Energy TX Diabetic Ulcers Dr [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [7.6 MB]
Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Wound Healing in Patients with Diabetic Ulcers
Use of biphasic energy (Microvas) resulted in a 60% superior rate of diabetic wound healing and resolution
Biphasic Energy Heals Ulcers Dr L. Bak[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [7.6 MB]
Microvas Treats Diabetic Neuropathy San Antonio VA Dr Harkless
Preliminary Outcome Report for Diabetic Neuropathy. Two 'disabled' patients returned to full work after remarkable recoveries!All others had huge benefits.
Microvas Diabetic Neuropathy.pdf
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Microvas 'Real Life' use by Doctors & Hospitals

Clinical studies are nice and prove what treatments work and work in a reproducable fashion. That said, what's better in finding out what works- is to get reports from doctors and hospitals on what works, and what works best. Below are two letters, the first from the CEO of Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they were provided 6 Microvas devices to use for two years.


The Health South's experience: they had a 95% positive outcome in treating a variety of conditions. Next, is a podiatrist and medical doctor, Jack Brown, M.D., D.P.M., who documented years and years of treating people and saving life and limb using Microvas.


Many people have asked for the difference in Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy versus Microvas. We have a sheet that shows effectiveness of both treatments and costs. Microvas is far more successful.


Final we have a list of 119 conditions Microvas has successfully treated. Keep an open mind, look at the success rates and years and years of professionals thrilled with a technology that does what no other technology can do. Would Microvas help a condition you or a loved one has?

Healthsouth Letter
Healthsough used Microvas for two years and had a 95% success rate in treating a variety of conditions.
Two Year Study Microvas at Healthsouth T[...]
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Dr Jack Brown, M.D., D.P.M. Microvas letter
Dr Brown describes eight years of great success with Microvas in saving life and limb in people who otherwise would have lost both.
Eight Years Microvas Dr J Brown.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [259.1 KB]
Microvas versus Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
Benefits and costs for both treatments shows Microvas outperforming Hyperbarics by 25-30% versus 90%!
Hyperbarics Vs Microvas.pdf
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Microvas Treats 119 various medical conditions
A full listing of medical conditions Microvas has helped over a 10 year period of documentation.
Microvas Treats Many Conditions.pdf
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