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The world of medicine is continually in motion! Here, you'll find some of the latest, most positive and hopeful items of interest from our practice and from the world of medicine! You'll also find many medical updates on our front page (weight loss).

Focus on Prevention: Advice on Healthy Check-Ups!

Each year, a thorough physical exam is a wise choice. For example: a simple urine test, performed as part of the physical, can help identify the presence of kidney stones, or even bladder cancer! When detected early, each of these conditions have excellent treatment rates! Annual exams help you find problems early on, when treatments provide the best outcomes, and can help you live a longer and more active life! Make an appointment to come in during your birth month: it's easy to remember and gives you the gift of better health! 

Updated Information Guide: Skin Cancer Photo Review

Any new freckle or mole, or any change in the size, shape or color of a freckle or mole, or any freckle or mole that has two or more colors needs evaluation. Every month, patients present with an enlarging mole, or a 'new' freckle. Saturdays morning we routinely remove these abnormal lesions. Many are skin cancers. For more information, we developed a 'Skin Cancer' book with photos of normal skin: freckles and moles; and abnormal lesions, of: Basal Cell Cancer, Melenoma, and Squamous Cell Cancer. Basal Cell cancer is the most common skin cancer, with >400,000 new cases in the U.S. each year! Melanoma has about 25,000 new U.S. cases each year. Squamous Cell cancer has about 100,000 new cases each year. And, YES, living at 7,000 feet provides us with more solar radiation exposure, and more skin cancer risk!

Powered by Photons: How to Regain Normal Movement with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease: when a disease is named after a doctor- it usually means there's not a great understanding, and especially not a great treatment. Strange, but true. Wonderful news and developments have happened for Pakrinson's patients. Please read the article from "Wired" magazine from November 2009 which sheds not light but massive, huge 'photon light' on how to treat Parkinson's disease so that a person could return to normal function!


Locally, in Santa Fe, we have a brillliant nano-technologist who has developed technology which can bridge man and machine in the brain. So, as you read the huge, massive and otherwise gargantuan leap in treatment for Parkinson's disease, we have the second link- here in Santa Fe- which will allow this technology to be a true seamless connection of computer, light technology, human and plant genes, and resolution of Parkinson's disease!  (Just click on the icon below for the full article.) 

Powered by Photons
An amazing read for anyone who has family or friends who suffer with Parkinson's disease, and who want and need a real hope that a breakthrough treatment is near!
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New Research for Resolving Type 1 Diabetes

A physician researcher, Dr. Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, at Harvard University, is doing research based out of Massachuetts General Hospital on resolving the underlying cause of type one diabetes! The Phase One Clinical Study has been completed, and the science has been proven in test animals. The Phase Two Clinical Study is being enrolled for Human subjects, and sponsored by the Lee Iacocca Foundation. The study looks at using BCG vaccine at specific doses and periods to cause the body to create enough Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) to help regulate the immune system and stop the immune system from attacking the Beta Cells in the pancreas, (beta cells are the ones which produce insulin). Once the attack is halted, the body recovers, and the pancreas returns to normal function! This study is very promising, and we have contacted Dr Faustman to enroll our patients with type one diabetes!

Vitamin D Defiency: A National Epidemic!

U.S. Studies published in the Scientific American (March 2009); the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survery (NHANES); as well as the Archives of Internal Medicine, (March 2009), concurred that nationwide, nearly 80% of children through adults are deficient in Vitamin D! While Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones, other conditions are adversely affected by Vitamin D deficiency, such as: asthma severity, autoimmune disorders (where the body attacks it's own tissues), cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and mental health/illness (especially cognitive impairment in adults over 50).


Vitamin D deficiency results in worse outcomes for patients in the ICU. However, before rushing out to take massive doses of Vitamin D in order to 'catch up', realize that all fat soluable vitamins are potentially toxic! Fat soluable vitamins are Vitamins A, D, E and K. Affectionately called the 'sunshine vitamin', Vitamin D has two main types. Think of them as savings (Vit D2) and checking (Vit D3). Still called the 'sunshine vitamin' (Vit D3), is not made in adequate amounts by many people, even those who get adequate amounts of sun exposure on most days! Surprizingly, people with dark skin (and those with deeper tans) make less Vitamin D than fair skinned people. Older adults make less Vitamin D than younger adults, teens or children.  Some historically 'favorite' foods having vitamin D were salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Due to mercury, lead, PCB's and other poisons in the ocean, limiting fish consumption to 1-2 times/week, limits this historic option. While milk is still fortified with Vitamin D, it would not be wise to begin drinking two gallons a day. 


New research, published in January 2010, in the British Medical Journal, reveals an inverse relationship between colon cancer and Vitamin D levels. That is, there's a much higher occurrance of colon cancer in people with lower levels of Vitimin D in their system. 


Additional research shows Vitamin D reduces: risk for cardiac disease, death from Myocardial Infarction (MI), and reduces risk for 'first (cardiac) event'. Supplementation (as noted below) decreases risks for falls, hip and hand fractures in seniors, lowers blood pressure, reduces Upper Respiratory Infections (URI's), increases athletic performance, decreases risk for breast and colon cancer, and reduces the risk for developing Multiple Sclerosis! 


By mid-life, adults need 800-1,000 international units (IU)/day. By age 50, adults need 1,200 IU/day. Before starting a vitamin replacement program, (above the 800-1,200 IU/day), first come in and have a lab test done to see if you have such a problem. Most people we've tested are not just low, they've been severely low, in Vitamin D2 and D3. Before you have that unplanned fracture, stop by. It's vital to note that healthy kidney function is important to possess before supplementing with Vitamin D. That annual exam you've been meaning to schedule is a great time to get tested!

Diabetic Drug Metformin Stops Prostate Cancer Growth by 50%!

This is the first article we've posted, 'directly', which shows where the abstrct came from, who authored it, when it was written, and the scientific 'talk' of the article. All of that is interesting, however, if a person were to understand the background science, you'd understand that the scientific messengers they've identified in this study are very significant. Many drugs are 'FDA approved' showing a 5-10% reduction in cancer or tumor growth, with those claims being called 'significant' in the media, and we'd hear about them for months or years. Hitting DU145, PC-3, LNCaP, cyclin D1, pRb and p27kip are significant findings (50%). Inhibiting the AMPK pathway, and still having the anti-growth effect on prostate cancer at the 50% level is huge!


Nobody's talking about these huge findings because the medication 'Metformin' is generic. If you have no insurance, you can get a 90 day supply at Walmart for $10.00! Because 'big pharma' is not making billions over this huge discovery, you probably will not hear about this significant finding, unless you read it here. Metformin is available by prescription only.


Yes, you are correct, if taken very early, or before cancer is there- could this prevent cancer? Possible. At a minimum, it could keep very small tumors- very small. Is any company going to pay several hundred million dollars to find out? No. The drug has gone generic- there's no money in it for 'big pharma'. The good news: this is hope for many men and their families!

Original Article

Oncogene (2008) 27, 3576–3586; doi:10.1038/sj.onc.1211024; published online 21 January 2008

The antidiabetic drug metformin exerts an antitumoral effect in vitro and in vivo through a decrease of cyclin D1 level

I Ben Sahra1,2, K Laurent1,2, A Loubat2,3, S Giorgetti-Peraldi1,2, P Colosetti2,4, P Auberger2,4, J F Tanti1,2, Y Le Marchand-Brustel1,2 and F Bost1,2

  1. 1INSERM U568, Nice, France
  2. 2Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, IFR50, Nice, France
  3. 3INSERM U638, Nice, France
  4. 4INSERM U526, Nice, France

Correspondence: Dr F Bost, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, INSERM U568, Bâtiment ARCHIMED, 151 Route de St Antoine de Ginestière, BP 2 3194, NICE Cedex 03 06204, France. E-mail:

Received 20 September 2007; Accepted 3 December 2007; Published online 21 January 2008.



Metformin is a widely used antidiabetic agent, which regulates glucose homeostasis through inhibition of liver glucose production and an increase in muscle glucose uptake. Recent studies suggest that metformin may reduce the risk of cancer, but its mode of action in cancer remains not elucidated. We investigated the effect of metformin on human prostate cancer cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo. Metformin inhibited the proliferation of DU145, PC-3 and LNCaP cancer cells with a 50% decrease of cell viability and had a modest effect on normal prostate epithelial cell line P69. Metformin did not induce apoptosis but blocked cell cycle in G0/G1. This blockade was accompanied by a strong decrease of cyclin D1 protein level, pRb phosphorylation and an increase in p27kip protein expression. Metformin activated the AMP kinase pathway, a fuel sensor signaling pathway. However, inhibition of the AMPK pathway using siRNA against the two catalytic subunits of AMPK did not prevent the antiproliferative effect of metformin in prostate cancer cells. Importantly, oral and intraperitoneal treatment with metformin led to a 50 and 35% reduction of tumor growth, respectively, in mice bearing xenografts of LNCaP. Similar, to the in vitro study, metformin led to a strong reduction of cyclin D1 protein level in tumors providing evidence for a mechanism that may contribute to the antineoplastic effects of metformin suggested by recent epidemiological studies.

Bad economy? Like to earn a 24% to 35% return?

Having one regular soda water each day (Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etcettera) will increase your risk for a heart attack by 24%: that's one single can. Two or more cans per day increases the risk to 35% for having that heart attack! To get a 24 to 35% return- stop drinking those soda waters and you'll reduce your chance of a heart attack by 24 to 35%- now that's a return worth going after!


The science: wherever there's too much sugar, water follows it. Fructose is eliminated very slowly from the body, versus glucose- which is burned very quickly and efficiently.  High fructose sugar does not exist in nature in the massive amounts most Americans consume. Large amounts of High Fructose Corn Syrup pulls large amounts of fluid into the circulatory system, in an amount that it can not handle. The result: too much fluid in the system and too much work load demanded of the heart, and a heart attack occurs. 


That bottle of water looks better every day, and it tastes good too!

Lengthen your Life by Lengthening your Telomeres

Regular exercise: improves blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces lipids (bad cholesterol and triglycerides), reduces markers of inflammation (hs-crp), and reduces abdominal fat. A team of researchers from Germany also report that exercise slows cellular aging, and prolongs life!


The legnth of telomeres- the strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes- regulate cellular aging. As your cells reproduce, the telomeres can shorten. The cells throughout the body will have similar legnths to their telomeres, and if enough of the cells die and do not reproduce, you also die! This critical function of telomeres- the control of cellular aging- was honored with a Nobel Prize in 2009!


The researchers proved that in age matched controls (people who exercise versus people who do not, but are the same age), the athletes, whether age 20 or age 51, had higher activity of the chemistry that preserves telomere length; possessed longer telomeres; and lived longer, healthier lives!


In another study, published in JAMA in January 2010,  the use of pharmaceutical grade EPA/DHA (2 grams taken 2x/day), the Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in 'fish oil', caused telomeres to lengthen. Teleomere length is a measure of cellular aging: the longer the telomere, the less likely a cell is to die. Combining 2 grams of EPA/DHA twice a day with 30 minutes of exercise on most days would result in a longer and healthier life!


Please note: 2 grams of 'fish oil' is not the same as 2 grams of EPA/DHA. There are two types of 'fish oil': 1) Pharmaceutical grade and, 2) 'junk oil' grade. Pharmaceutical grade 'fish oil' has 2,000 mg (2 grams) of EPA/DHA in 2 capsules. One local supermarket advertises their 'great sale' price on 'fish oil' claiming: in 2 capusules there's '2 grams of fish oil'. That much is true- it is also deceptive. In their two capsules there's only 300mg of EPA/DHA. That would mean a person would need to take 14 capsules twice a day to get 2 grams of EPA/DHA: that would be two entire 'meals' of capsules! The 'great price' isn't so 'great' when taking 28 capsules a day! Talk with us about how to get the benefits of pharmaceutical grade EPA/DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids to get these life extending opportunities! A longer and healthier life- now that's a great plan you deserve! 

Return of Whooping Cough, ICU Admissions

According to the US CDC: in 2008 there were over 13,000 cases and 20 deaths reported to the CDC for Whooping Cough! Also known as 'Pertussis' this is one rare disease that is raging back and killing people in the U.S. In 2010 there were 10 more deaths in children from whooping cough (Pertussis).


In Santa Fe, in the past 10 years, there have been 4 outbreaks of Whooping Cough, including ICU Admissions! This is a completely preventable condition. In the 'old days' people would get Tetanus (T) vaccines every 10 years; that changed about 15 to 20 years ago to a Tetanus and Diptheria (TD) vaccine.


Five years ago, medical professional organizations, changed the TD recommendation to a TDaP. The 'aP'  in TDaP is for 'acellular (weakened) Pertussis'. In kids, about 40% of the population is vaccinated. In adults, only 6% are vaccinated. This is a preventable condition that can take out a healthy adult for 6 to 8 weeks- and make them weak and sick in bed- if they don't get worse and end up in the ICU on a ventillator, or in the morgue.


Stop by the office, with those you care about, and get a TDaP. Together, we can help prevent another outbreak in Santa Fe.

Do Probiotics Help Children with Irritable Bowel Syndorme?

For years, based upon the science of how probiotics work, we've advised both children and adults to use a product with 2 or more probiotics. We've had very good success rates for both children and adults who've followed this wise advice (in lowering IBS symptoms as well as improving overall health).


Now, from the journal Pediatrics, December 2010, in a study of 141 children from Italy, (mean age 6 years old), with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, our recommendations have been confirmed. After 16 weeks of probiotic therapy, with a single probiotic agent, 87% of children with IBS were better! (Imaginse how much better these children could be with 2 or more probiotics.)


In a related report, the American Academy of Pediatrics, also published in the journal Pediatrics, in December 2010, where they concluded and published a position recommending probiotic use in children with: acute infectious and anti-biotic associated diarrhea; prevention and treatment of atopic (allergic) skin disease, colic, and allergy; and treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and IBS. It's very rewarding to get confirmation of a very safe and smart choice such as probiotics!


Our recommendation for you to take a dose of probiotic with each dose of antibiotic remains, and is supported by research, by science, and by experience.


Probiotics are a pro-active and wise choice for you and your family for the new year!  Please remember: they'll only work when taken regularly (each day is a wise choice).

The Complexity of Celiac Disease in Children

From the journal, Pediatrics, September 2010: Is a biopsy necessary for children who have a positive 'tissue transglutaminase', and 'endomysial antibodies' (EMA)? First: this study looked at a total of 43 children from Finland. Finland has a moderately high incidence for Celiac Disease, relative to it's small population.


In taking a 'first look' at the children: they were referred to the study group based upon having symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and poor growth. So, these were symptomatic children.


Next, they performed the initial lab studies. All 43 of the 43 were positive for EMA. Next they performed a 'villous' biopsy (from the small bowel),a 'positive' test means there was atrophy, or inability to regenerate healthy tissue, due to some trauma.  Thirteen were EMA positive, and biopsy negative. Thirty were EMA positive and biopsy positive.


Among the 13 with normal biopsy, 5 immediately began a gluten free diet: their clinical symptoms resolved and antibody levels returned to normal after a year. Seven of the eight remaining (from the 13) went on to develop villous atrophy within 2 years. These 7 had clinical symptoms resolve on a gluten free diet, and antibody levels returned to normal after 1 year.


Among the 43 children, clinical symptoms, treated with a gluten free diet, who had both symptoms and elevated antibody levels, ALL of these children returned to having normal antibody levels after 1 year on gluten free diets. Finally, 81% were resolved of symptoms, on the gluten free diet at 1 year.


Clearly, while small, the study shows that within 1 year, antibody returned to normal in all the children, and Celiac symptoms resolved in 81% on a gluten free diet, regardles of biopsy results. Previously believed to be a 'gold standard' in Celiac disease diagnosis, biopsy now appears to have a much smaller need (such as with the 19% of children who did not have symptoms improve on the Gluten Free diet at 1 year). But, since antibody results returned to normal witthin a year, is it possible that at 18 or 24 months, these remaining 8 children would be symptom free? The study did not continue out this timeframe.


A treatment, called watchful waiting, is often performed: meaning you could perforate the small bowel, in getting a sample, you could have an adverse reaction to anesthesia, or you could develop an infection from the procedure- up to and including death! Watching to see symptoms subside, and resolve over another 6 to 12 months would be a much safer act to consider, in light of the biopsy risks, especially if all remaining 8 children became symptom free during the next 6 to 12 months.


So, what was once thought of as a 'gold standard' (biopsy of the small intestine) is not, and should not even be performed in the majority of symptomatic children with Celiac disease. Even in the remaining children, who are EMA negative at 1 year, but still show symptoms, unless these symptomes become much worse, a period of 'watchful waiting' appears to be a superior, safer, standard. 

Is Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Clinically Important After Age 50?

From an article in the journal, Gastroenterology, September 2010: the Mayo Clinic studied 129 people, (0.8% of 17,000 blood samples tested) who were patients 50 years of age and older, seen for routine evaluation from 1995 through 2001. These samples which were used to diagnose Celiac Disease were positive for 'tissue transglutaminase' and for 'endomysial antibodies'.


They then compared these 129 people with 254 age and sex matched controls. During an average of 10 years of follow-up, all-cause mortality (death) and cancer specific (GI)death were similar in both groups, as was the incidence for GI symptoms, (such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss).


From a long list of diseases, there was only a slightly higher incidence of hypothyroidism and osteoporosis in the Celiac group. Finally, 20 of the 129 patients with undiagnosed Celiac Disease received a diagnosis of anemia. 

Cold, Flu and Reye's Syndrome Season?

What is Reye's Syndrome, and what's the relationship with cold and flu season?


Reye's Syndrome and History


Both questions above are great questions and they're ones parents and older children can step forward and help out with! First, the grestest ocurrance of Reye's Syndrome is during January through March- the classic 'cold and flu' season. Typically, the symptoms (see below) occur about 3 to 5 days after a viral illness, (typically when a person is expected to be getting better), but can occur up to 3 weeks after an illness.


Reye's Syndrome was first described, in 1963, in Australia, by researcher and pathologist Dr. R.D.K. Reye, as a distinct condition. In further reviewing the literature, such cases, as reported by Dr. Reye, were first reported in 1929, when Apirin was in moderate use. 


Reye's Syndrome is a complex disease which affects all organs of the body. Typically it affects the liver and the brain, which causes a set of vague symptoms- which can easily be dismissed or misdiagnosed. Since no medical person would ever 'want' a patient to have Reye's, it's therefore also not at the top of their thoughts when determining which illness a person has.


Reye's typically has 2 phases: first a cold, flu, chicken pox, or other viral illness, for which the person was given aspirin to treat the fever, aches or pains. Second, the person develops an abnormal response, whereby the body begins to attack its' own tissue, first in the liver, (with symptoms in the body and brain), and then spreading to failure of the various organs.


Typically, the second phase of the illness occurs when the person is 'recovering' from the initial illness. The attack by the body, against its' own tissues, results in damage to the liver and to the brain. Without clear thinking by the disoriented person, and a rapid response to stop the brain and liver damage, the liver stops filtering waste products, which builds up to toxic levels, and begins to destroy every organ system in the body. Early diagnosis is key to saving the person's life.


Who's At Risk


So, who's affected by the disease: most often children, however, people of every age can develop Reye's Syndrome. Because the symptoms of the disease are so 'vague', look to the list below for symptoms. Understand: no health care provider, no nurse, and no medical assistant wants a person to have this deadly disease. It's up to people who care about the affected person to 'speak' for them about how much they've 'changed' and how their behavior is 'abnormal' from usual. Look at the list of symptoms below: it could save a family member or friend's life.


Reye's Syndrome is NOT contagious- you can NOT become infected from staying near and helping the person- so stay close to them and stay with them! Make sure their story is heard! If you have somebody you care about, who you feel has Reye's, then report:




1. This person had a viral illness on XX dates or days;

2. This person took, or was given aspirin, or an aspirin product;

3. They've had diarrhea and/or vomiting (and nobody else has);

4. They seem to have 'changed' in their head: they're not moving, they have no energy;

5. They're more tired then ever, (when they should be getting better);


Worse Syptoms


6. They're irritable (and usually are not);

7. They're aggressive (and usually are not);

8. They seem confused;

9. They have irrational behavior (and have not taken 'drugs');

10. They're fighting or are combative (and usually are not);

11. They seem delerious, have had convulsions, or seem to be in a coma, (and they have no previous history of seizures).


Differential Diagnosis


There are several possible conditions which could have these symptoms, which Reye's 'shares' with other conditions. From this set of circumstances, you can see it's possible for Reye's to imitate many different illnesses. When a person presents with such illness, many other conditions need to be proven not to be present, including: encephalitis (brain infection and swelling), meningitis (central nervous system infection and swelling of the spinal cord), diabetes (out of control), hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallbladder disease, drug overdose, poisoning, ingestion of poisonous mushrooms and other plants, toxic substances ingestion, neuromuscular damage (such as Multiple Sclerosis), or psychiatric illness.


1963, The 1st 'Reye's' Cases, and IEM's in 2000-2011


When the initial criteria for Reye's was developed in 1963, may scientific breakthroughs of 1990-2010 could not even be predicted. In a review of most initial Reye's cases, many individuals had the 'syndrome' (which means a collection of symptoms without an exact cause), but what they actually had was, 'Inborn Errors in Metabolism' (IEM's): that is their liver, when infected with a virus, would shut down critical pathways (excatly why remains unknown- but read below, under 'future science'), and it would stop the breakdown of substances into normal or 'safe' substances which the body could normally eliminate. These toxic 'substances' which could not be broken down, then led to life threatening toxic states, whereby one organ system after another would fail and death would occur. 


Some of these IEM's were related to inability to break down carbohydrate, others to fatty acid (fats), and others to protein or parts of proteins (peptides) not being broken down, due to errors in a person's genetic code for how the liver was to function during a viral infection, in breaking down these 'normal' substances.


Not all of the symptoms may occur, and may not occur in the 'order' listed above. So, the symptoms could be 'all over the map', however: the person would still have had:1) a prior viral illness; 2) have taken aspirin, and 3) then developed the symptoms-- that crucial bit of historical information could save the life of your family member or friend.


Many tests will be run in evaluating a person with this history and these symptoms. Some of those tests, crucial to diagnosis of Reye's Syndrome or IEM's are elevation of liver function tests: especially SGOT (AST) and SGPT (ALT).


The Good News


There's a 90% chance of recovery when the syndrome (Reye's or IEM's) are treated in the early stages, and when treated by health care providers experienced in hospital treatment of the conditions. The diseases run their course within a few hours to a few days, depending on severity. It's crucial for you to act quickly.


With more people taking aspirin for 'heart attack' prevention, there's more aspirin in households. Parents or grandparents may think it 'quicker' or 'easier' to give someone an aspirin (rather then get some safer Tylenol) for a child or adult with a fever.


Chemical versus Trade Names of Drugs


Tylenol, which can NOT cause Reye's Syndrome, is safe to give to children and adults with flu symptoms, and has the generic or chemical name of acetamenophen. That said, Tylenol has safe dosing instuctions, and you should NEVER exceed the recommended dosage (read the bottle for safe directions in dosing).


Aspirin, or aspirin containing products include chemical or generic names such as: acetylsalicylate, acetylsalicylic acid, salicylic acid, or salicylate, and CAN cause Reye's Syndrome, and should NEVER be taken if there's any chance the person has or has had a cold, the flu or other any other viral infection.


Mystery of the History


In medicine, 90% or more of what we can do to help you and your family is in the HISTORY. At Adobe, we ask questions, and more questions, and more questions. The history we get from you will help to guide us to the correct set of tests, radiology and imaging studies, treatments, and referrals to specialists you're most likely to need. The History is critical. When a family member or friend needs 'help', please come with them.


Future Science


At Adobe, we're committed to being up-to-date with scientific studies both past (Reye's) and present (IEM's). Several very long, scientific words describe the IEM's associated with what's commonly referred to as Reye's. With several root causes, the ultimate site of action for the IEM's is the mitrochrondria (the small 'power' production site) inside of each and every cell in the body.


The scientific discovery of the exact nature of the destruction of liver tissue and the pathways involved, coincides in IEM's, and  fits with the 'gross' descriptions of liver damage by Dr. Reye in 1963. In summary, Dr. Reye described the condition accurately in 1963; the further details of the exact science have been identified, and are now referred to as IEM's.


Incidence of Reye's Syndrome (IEM's)


While there was high use and reporting of aspirin associated Reye's in the 1960's and 1970's, the halted or greatly reduced use of aspirin, with colds and flu's has caused a reduction in Reye's cases. In the 1960's the incidence was about 6 cases per 100,000 people (during flu season); that number is now about 2 cases per year in the entire United States!


The Take Home Lesson


We've reduced Reye's Syndrome from 6 cases per 100,000 people during flu season alone, (in the 1960's and 70's) down to 2 cases for the 308 million people in the U.S. in an entire year! We did this by not using aspirin during cold and flu season, or anytime a viral illness is suspected, and this was improved through a national health education program from the 60's through the 80's. The take home message: we've done well, but do not 'share' medication (aspirin) for preventing heart attack with those who've got or have had a viral illness. Continue your 'good' and 'smart' habits- they've worked well!

Gout Medicine Used to Treat Chest Pain?

From an atricle in the British medical journal, Lancet, June 2010: Allopurinol, used for decades to prevent Gout attacks, is now being used to prevent chest pain. Many people suffer with 'chronic stable angina', chest pain that's stable as long as they don't do too much.


In this study, controlling for other effects, the use of 600mg/day of Allopurinol worked as well as long acting nitroglycerin, or as well as a medication for hypertension which also dilates coronary arteries.


Since Allopurinol has long been generic, the exact mechanism of action was not studied. Due to how Allopurinol works, it is believed, by the study authors, that it reduced 'oxidative stress', thereby making more molecular oxygen available for the damaged myocardium of the heart.


Does somebody in your famuily have this medical problem? The sweet part of this study: you can combine present treatment plus Allopurinol to reach a better exercise tolerance- it will help give 'back' more activity and life to many people! More good news for the new year!

Dental Treatment Causes Higher Stroke Risk!

Studies, for years, have suggested that intensive periodontal treatment ('deep periodontal cleanings and treatment') leads to endothelial dysfunction (abnormalities in blood vessel walls that can lead to stroke or heart attack). Also, markers for inflammation, (which occur prior to stroke and heart attack) are elevated with these dental treatments.


This study, published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, on October 19th 2010, reviewed data from 1,152 medicaid patients who received invasive dental work. The period studied was 24 weeks AFTER the treatment occurred. Risk for Ischemic Stroke or Heart Attack, was elevated for those treated, and was greatest during the first 4 weeks after an invasive treatment, but NOT during weeks 5 through 24.


The Take Home Message: If you or somebody you care about is going for a 'deep cleaning' or any 'periodontal' dental work, the risk for a Stroke or Heart Attack is significant for 4 weeks after the treatment. This study suggests that it would be wise to treat these dental patients with an anti-platelet agent (such as Plavix) AFTER the procedure for the first month.

Chronic Pain: New Evaluation and Treatment Available!

Anti-Glutamic Acid Decarboxlase (GAD) Antibodies:

Anti-GAD antibodies target an enzyme called Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase. This enzyme is responsible for converting glutamic acid into GABA. GABA is a powerful neurotransmitter in the brain, and helps with emotions, pain, anxiety, and helps initiate sleep.


Some people have ataxia (lack of walking coordination), others have a disease of stiffness in muscles and joints (stiff person syndrome): both conditions are made, or made worse, when GAD-antibodies are too high. We've found a moderate number of people with this chronic condition, and have been able to start treatment to help them.


Does this describe a problem that you, a relative, or friend may have? Stop by for an evaluation!

The Really Big Yawn (AKA H1N1 Virus)

From the JAMA, September 8th 2010: finally, 'experts' at the AMA and others have concluded what we, at Adobe, declared over a year ago- that the gene sequence for H1N1 was going to cause nothing more than some typical flu-like symptoms, no different than any other year. And likely, the virus would hit younger people (younger adults, because of prior similarly structured viruses having infected older adults). As the British would say, Adobe was, 'Spot On'.


The H1N1 was 'exagerated' and 'overblown' by 'experts', an 'expert' being defined as a person who's from out of town and has a 'fancy' though not necessarily factual power-point presentation! We at Adobe will continue to advise our patients IF a serious threat is coming, and our opinion will be based upon scientific analysis of the virus itself. We will 'tell it like it is', and advise readers to view, on this page, an article citing where we found an 85% reduction in ALL colds and ALL flu with a combination of 2 or more Pro-Biotics taken each day.


There has NEVER been a flu vacine that's been as effective as a daily Pro-biotic! Over the past 15 years, the CDC has gotten the flu shot  'right' about 15% of the time- a huge failure! And, what's worse: despite proof to the contrary, CDC is still focused on vaccinating older adults.


The Russians proved, a few years ago, that vaccinating children- the little vectors of infection, willl dramatically drop the spread of treatable flu. That's right- it's the curtain climbers, the rug rats, and the lineolum lizzards that are causing the massive and rapid spread of colds and flu. Give them a pro-biotic, and ALL colds and ALL flu drop by 85%!


We have anti-biotics, anti-fungals, anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive agents (anti, anti, anti)-- it's about time we work with PRO-BIOTICS- a group of friendly bacteria which help to maintain and improve a healthy immune system, by working with the body, rather than against it.


In this universe, there are negative forces of destruction, and positive forces of contribution and creation. It's time 'medicine' and the communities we support, come together and utilize a wonderful gift of science to improve overall health in our communities! Let's become more Pro-active in using Pro-biotics-and remember to give them to the children. They even improve colic! Here's to a better new year!

Newer, Safer, Better Treatment for Stroke Prevention

From an article in the November 1st 2010, Annals of Internal Medicine: There's now a More Cost Effective, Better, Newer, Widely Studied, and already in use in Europe for years, medication: Dabigatran (Pradaxa), that is a MUCH safer treatment in preventing stroke and heart attack, in people with atrial fibrillation, (A-Fib), which is better than 'standard' warfarin (Coumadin), in use in the U.S. for decades. (Atrial Fibrillation, typically called A-Fib, is when the top two chambers of the heart beat irregularly, and due to this quivering, can cause a blood clot to form, and then flow to a small vessel in the heart or brain causing a heart attack or stroke). Many of us, count me in, NEVER liked the idea of prescribing patients the active ingredient in RAT POISON (warfarin) for people with A-Fib. There HAD to be a better, safer answer! There now is!


Best of all, patients on Dabigatran will NOT need the constant weekly to monthly blood draws that Warfarin patients required.  They won't need to change the dose based on foods, other medications, or changes in blood levels of Warfarin, like Warfarin patients MUST constantly do.


Too bad for those folks running large and expensive clinics to 'monitor' blood levels of Coumadin. They can close those expensive clinics, stop wasting time, manpower, and money doing and redoing lab tests, advising folks into constantly changing their dosage, and those clinics can stop burning millions of dollars to make sure patients received enough 'rat poison' to thin their blood, but not enough kill them. With these 'no-longer' necessary lab tests gone- those same funds (insurers had been paying labs to perform) can be used to pay for the safer therapy. It's about time!


Dabigatran's 150mg twice daily dosing is simple and reasonable. Another plus, while Coumadin reduced the chance of a person throwing a clot and causing a heart attack or stroke, it could also thin the blood too much, and cause a hemorrhagic stroke. These strokes happened way too often, in about 1.2% of those using Coumadin. The chance, in a recent study, showed hemorrhagic stroke in only 0.3% of those on Dabigatran (an occurrance 4 times less than that of Warfarin). Safety and efficacy!


The only hurdle remaining: Dabigatran's $13/day cost versus a dollar a day for Warfarin. But, as we mentioned: no more expensive blood tests, no more 'monitoring fees', no more dosage adjustments every week or two for Coumadin, and a huge reduction in ICU and Nursing Home costs for hemorrhagic stroke patients who 'bled out' on Coumadin and face a lifetime of suffering. From a safety standpoint: insurance companies NEED to replace Warfarin (rat poison) with Dabigatran. From an efficacy point(it works better and easier), insurance companies NEED to replace Warfarin, in favor of Dabigatran. From a monitoring standpoint: there are NO labs with Dabigatran, with Warfarin- those labs NEVER end.


The truth needs to be told: when a patient would have a sudden rise or fall in their 'rat poison' dose (Coumadin), they'd have daily lab tests, sometimes for weeks. Those lab costs, and the human costs: of losing work, of driving to and from the lab, some people dying or being injured for life from a motor vehicle accident (when they could have avoided the trip if they were on Dabigatran), and quality of life issues relating to getting daily labs done, and the anxiety of awaiting test results, AND the costs of a provider closely following those tests, and calling and reviewing the results, and reviewing the plan, burned massive time and the human energy of provider and patient alike. That series of worries and nightmares can be over!


Collectively, we need to remind insurers- our premiums are for our benefit-not theirs. Those premiums are meant to pay for necesary services and treatments, with the BEST outcomes and SAFETY records. Those funds are to provide services to the policy holders- with a small profit for the insurance company- not greedly levels of profits- or millions in pay for executives.


In the meantime: do not be intimidated or discouraged in requesting coverage for this safe drug for you or for your family members. It's time we end the use of 'rat poison' to treat A-Fib.  It's time, it's safe, and Dabigatran (Pradaxa) can do much good. At Abobe Family Practice, we're discusing this important news, and changing our patients over, at their next follow-up visit, to the newer, safer Dabigatran treatment. We're here, in everything we do, to advocate for our patients, and insure they get the latest and safest treatment.


Over the years, we've filed hundreds of appeals to get our patients the treatments they need and deserve! If you're not bringing your family to see us, perhaps you should. It's about time!

Low Platlets: Immune Thrombocytopenia, Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpurs: Better, Safer Treatment

VERY big, hard to spell words, but anyone trying to 'research this topic' will need to use these words to get the critical, valuable, safe, and better therapy options. In a nutshell: some people stop producing or are too rapidly destroying their own platelets, which are those agents in blood (platelets) which will help a person to form a healthy blood clot, so a person does not bleed to death. Not bleeding to death is important!


The 'best' previous choices for treating the condition were: doing surgery (cutting on a person who could not stop excessive bleeding), betting they would not die during the procedure, and then removing their spleen. Sometimes this treatment worked, since the spleen destroys, or can recycle platelets; and sometimes the patient died on the table. Even when it worked, eventually, in some people the treatment quit working.


Another treatment was to put people on steroids, which caused them to gain massive amounts of weight, develop heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes: all in the name of 'helping them' to not bleed to death. In summary, we had two poor choices. There were other treatments, with more complications and less benefits.


Enter the new class of agents called, 'thrombopoietin-receptor agonists', in other words, agents that stop a person from destroying their own platelets. An agent we've wanted to write about for the past 6 months, has received a confirmatory nod of approval from another study.


From the New England Journal of Medicine, November 2010: Romiplostim (Nplate) is safer, more effective and has better short and long term outcomes than either of the major, current options, and with far better numbers of platelets created and maintained.


Biggest drawback: the treatment must be injected, just under the skin, in the office, every week. We've seen the same precautions used with many other 'new' treatments. We have two patients who currently have this very rare condition. We'll soon be discussing this safer option with them. This is one of many 'developments' for this year. Read on:


This year will be filled with several medical and scientific developments. There are many smart, good, and honorable people working on scientific breakthroughs that will soon arrive, and better yet, in nano-technology, from our affiliation with our research group, there are several HUGE developments set for the next decade, which will be able to: cure HIV, cure horrible resistant bacteria the public is largely unaware of, cure cancer, regenerate multiple types of damaged tissue and organs, and, my favorite: the ability to regenerate a healthy, functioning spinal cord!


For a person to talk about a man walking on the moon and 1959: that person would have been locked up in a mental institution, or at least disrespected by others. It was 'not posible', it was 'too much to expect', it was , 'not reasonable'. Yet it happened, and it happened because of a motivation and the determnation and cooperation of many smart, good, and creative people who worked to achieve a common goal.


Taking a man or woman, boy or girl who has: cancer, HIV, an incurable infection, loss of kidney function, or a damaged spinal cord; and then taking a dedicated group of health care providers, nano-technologists, biologists, and physicists, working together, curing the cancer, the HIV, the incurable infection, regrowing the damaged organ, and regrowing the spinal cord: each of those great accomplishments are VERY achievable with nano-bio-technology. Never before has there been such a powerful, atomic level, building set of techniques and technologies, and in the millions of applications, ever to exist in all of human experience. 


Many pains and sorrows are soon to be resolved. The next decade will be looked back upon as the decade of the initial wave of nano-bio-technology. Much sorrow and pain will be vanquished, and much joy shared! But always remember: it is from our pain, from our frustration, and from our sorrow that we determine to achieve more; to work with others from several scientific disciplines, and to then achieve great things. Without great pain and sorrow, there can not be great joy and success!

Adrenal Fatigue: A Life Destroying Condition That's Completely Treatable!

Adrenal Fatigue is a very real, completely exhausting, totally disabling, and totally treatable condition. While we've treated several people with this condition over the years, in November 2010, we treated another patient with this condition.


Many people with adrenal fatigue are professional people, many who are smart enough and capable enough, with enough pure will, to push themselves through each day, often not getting enough rest. Eventually, these people will 'hit the wall'. They can't get up- they have no energy to go through a normal day. They have some late afternoon or evening energy, and either an inability to go to sleep, or an inability to stay asleep, or both.


Either way, when these unfortunate people wake up: they're exhausted, and can barely move to do anything. What's even more sad, is many are labeled, by doctors, as having mental health problems, and told they require 'psychiatriac therapy'. While many of these people are clinically depressed, they're depresed for a treatable and very specific medical condition, for which 99% of all doctors have no idea what to do. Such was the situation with our most recent patient: she was told there was 'nothing' medically wrong with her, by several doctors, and that she needed psychiatric treatment.


Understand: there WAS a medical condition which was identifiable with specific testing, and there was treatment. These certain, unnamed doctors, like thousands of others, had no clue how to test, how to work up, and how to treat adrenal fatigue. We do!


After fully reviewing the case, using proper testing and evaluation, we began therapy. This exhausted woman, who'd had her normal 'life' destroyed by Adrenal Fatigue, had her life back. She also had back a healthy color (versus a pasty color) to her face, and was back to a fully energetic and happy 'normal life' within 2 weeks of treatment.


Our patient's story is an incredible journey of pain, one of suffering, of disbelief, one of a loss of faith in medical science's under-prepared practitioners; in a time of a very bad economy- it's a story of a loss of employment; yet it's a story of persistence and faith, exhaustion, a new found hope in a 'best practices' approach to medicine, and finally victory over a treatable condition: her story is a beautiful record of faith and

determination, to never lose hope, and to positively persist to do more, and to be more!

Strep Outbreak: Last weeks of December 2010

In the last weeks of December 2010 we saw a rise in strep infections. While most people think of throat pain and fever for strep; some 'atypical' or unusual presentations also occurred:

1. Some people had nausea, vomiting or diarrhea- this can be caused by strep going down the throat and infecting the stomach and bowels. We tested about a dozen folks with these symptoms- most came back positive with strep.

2. Some others came in with a sand-paper like redish rash. Often called scarlatina, this red rash is where the strep has infected the skin.

3. One infant, in the community, ended up in the ICU, was lethargic and not acting 'right'. This child had the infection go into their spinal column-which caused mennigitis.


The take home message- do not wait on any of these symptoms-come in to be checked.


In each (non-spinal) case, whether: throat, stomach, or skin, the crucial thing to remember: untreated strep infection can infect the heart (and destroy the heart valves and cause death), or it can infect the kidneys (causing kidney failure and death). These ' Rheumatic' infections kill several million people in the third world to every year- including now.


Fortunately, we have several effective antibiotics which can destroy the infections. If in doubt, stop by, remember we always can 'work-in' patients. The other day we remained 2 1/2 hours after we'd 'normally' close to care for people who needed treatment.

Pain Medication: Darvocet Taken Off the Market

December 2010, a very sad event occurred: after being on the market for over 5 decades (as in more than 50 years), and helping millions with pain, the FDA and European authorities took Darvocet off the market. The regulatory agencies claimed it was due to use in both overdoses (more people overdose on Tylenol every year) and due to certain increased cardiac risks.


These claimed 'risks' are almost entertaining, except there is no list of overwhelming facts and research proving a specific and significant risk for Darvocet in the general public. There is a small risk in a about 1% of the population, who have abnormal EKG's, who could develop a problem. Great! If they have the abnormal EKG, do not use the drug in that VERY rare person, and let the 99% of the rest of the population use a safe medication that's worked for 5 decades. You'd reasonably figure that after 50 years- a serious and conclusive problem would be apparent 40 years ago. But there was none. The regulators faced a 100 times greater risk of death and harm driving 1 way to their meeting, than from taking Darvocet for 30 years (30,000 Americans die and over 100,000 are severely injured in car crashes every year! Does this mean the FDA will order car production stopped?)


We're now faced with changing people over to other pain medication- many folks have not done as well, on their new meds, so we then try another med. Truth is, the mechanism of action of Darvocet is gentler on the nervous system, and less sedating than nearly any other narcotic pain reliever on the market. This is one action by the FDA that could have REALLY used more reason and the med safely left on the market.

Live Life Like You Were Dying!

We can cheat death, defer death, and delay death. We can't avoid it. We can be challenged by it. That's a key lesson in life. From research at the University of Toronto: nano-technology, within 7 years, will stop the spread and cure those infected with HIV. That same nano-technology will be able to kill very nasty, resistant strains of bactertia, known as NDM-1, which will start to kill hundreds of millions of people in the next few years.That same nano-technology will be able to cure cancer in 8-10 years. With such destruction and death- where is the 'good side'? It is the pain of sorrow and loss which encourages us all to try to rise to be our best. What are you doing to rise to make a positive contribution and to be your best?

Cocaine Mixed with Levamisole Killing Users

Back in September 2009, CBS news reported that nearly 70% of ALL US cocaine was laced with a dangerous substance that was causing deaths. Since that time, nearly all cocaine in New Mexico and Colorado is 'cut' with 'Levamisole'.


Levamisole is 'okay' if we're deworming cattle, or treating humans for cancer, otherwise, it has a very narrow 'safe zone' or 'therapeutic zone', where once a certain dose is exceeded, then that dose causes near death and death.


BUT, people who use cocaine want a 'buzz', and since 2008, cocaine has been 'cut' with 'Levamisole' in Columbia to 1) improve profits- Levamisole is cheaper to buy, than cocaine is to make; 2) Levamisole gives cocaine users a bigger 'buzz' by elevating dopamine, the 'feel good' brain hormone. Sellers and users were 'happy' with the initial situation, until people began getting sick and some users started dying!


Immune system damage occurs as does kidney and liver damage and multi-organ failure which results in death. The 'buzz' from Levamisole mixed with cocaine is not worth it! 

Low Dose Lithium Improves Chronic Alcohol Problems

As the old song goes: 'I get feeling better when I'm feel no pain'. So, what does alcohol do, and why do so many people get 'caught up' drinking so much? As with many conditions, circumstances and the patient's history, including family history direct us to the root cause for the situation. Next at 7,000 feet, alcohol has 3 times the affect that it does at sea level: it’s easier to get in ‘over your head’. For some people, this is why they have an even harder time in the ‘high desert’.


Centuries ago, in this country, or in certain third world countries to this day, there exist a first group of people who attack other groups of people, and they steal, rape, rob, and kill the second group: this is how the 1st group survives. The 1st group provides no service, they provide no product. Given these facts, most people would not want to be in the 2nd group (the one attacked). Given these circumstances, certain genetic features evolved in some people, allowing them to stay awake for the entire night (to sound the alarm and to repel the attack at 2 a.m.) when everyone else was sound asleep.


This same group of people could dump stress hormones into their system and fight as strongly as 3 people, and could do so for up to 3 days. So, what we see was the evolution of a 'warrior class' who could protect people in the 2nd group. These 'warrior class' people had very high value to the 2nd group since they kept others alive. The 'warrior class' was encouraged to mate with as many people in the group as possible, to develop more people with this desired ability.


Fast forward to present day New Mexico and the rest of 'western society': the type of attacks described above don’t occur. The higher level of agitation, caused by having higher levels of circulating stress hormones in our 'warrior class' people can not be used since there are no longer are any attacks, there are no regular, major threats to life.


So, how do these 'warrior class' people feel when they wake up? They don't feel calm, they don't feel refreshed: they feel agitated. They just 'don't feel right'. So, what do people do, what can they buy easily, to 'calm' their mood? They use alcohol, because that's what easy to find in the local environment. It’s legal. Most of these people have mothers or fathers, or aunts and uncles who use alcohol or drugs to 'change' their mood.


Most reasonable people, who wake up just not 'feeling right', want to feel better. As we know, alcohol and drugs used to control mood, are addictive. Our 'warrior class' people have 2 problems now: they still wake up 'not feeling right' and they have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or both. The 1st problem of 'not feeling right' continues, and so does an even stronger drive to use the drugs or alcohol to 'change' how they feel each day. That's where low dose Lithium comes in.


Studies have been done where Lithium exists naturally in a city's water supply. The City, County, and State do NOT remove the Lithium from the water supply: it causes no problems and is a naturally occurring salt, just as Calcium (calcium carbonate) is a natural component in many drinking water supplies. The studies show lower rates for violent crime and mental illness in those cities with Lithium naturally in the water supply- that's very, very small amounts of Lithium.


Many people have heard that Lithium is dangerous, and toxic: in large amounts, it can be. That's where the problem occurs: most psychiatrists and other practitioners use 900 to 1200 milligrams of Lithium a day for people with such agitation problems as we've described. This point is a key feature: at Adobe we avoid high Lithium dosing for people who have gotten caught up in alcohol or drugs, (and who have our 'warrior class' symptoms). We use, in adults, only 300 milligrams per day- 1/3 to 1/4th the 'high' doses often used.


What happens if a person does not have the 'warrior class' genetic changes and they take Lithium? Usually: nothing. The low dose Lithium goes in and is excreted out of the system. If a person has the 'warrior class' condition, and uses low dose Lithium, they'll have their neurotransmitters in their brains 'calmed' and the ultra-high volume level of 'noise' turned WAY down and when they awaken each morning they feel 'okay'. They actually feel 'right' for the 1st time in years, or decades!


Their cravings for drugs and alcohol decreases, and they no longer have the urge to change a 'bad feeling' each morning. Later during the day and even later that evening, they feel more calm and are able to initiate a normal sleep cycle. They don't 'need' drugs or alcohol to 'fix' their overall mood. Low dose Lithium functions as a 'mood stabilizer'.


Currently, we have about 80 people at Adobe who have benefited from this exact therapy. We're here documenting this history, background information, treatment information, and outcome information to provide others in our community real hope. Our patients lose their thirst for alcohol and drugs, and go on to be more productive and VERY happy being the 'better feeling' people who no longer wake up 'just not feeling right'.


At high dose, Lithium can have life threatening drug-drug interactions, and drug-food interactions. Blood levels must be done often for those on high dose Lithium therapy. On the other hand, those on low dose therapy have no such risks, and need to have no 'drug levels' checked.


Part of why, in the U.S., we have certain problems is that people believe that if something is good, more is better. If a glass of water is refreshing, on a hot summer day, then a 5 gallon jug of water should make you 'superman'. Wrong logic: about 6 to 8 people die each year in the U.S. from water intoxication- they drank too much, overwhelmed their ability to handle the fluid overload and died. Lithium is no different.


Most of our ‘warrior class’ patients are on 300mg or less each day, of Lithium. This past week I visited with patients or their family, who have ‘gotten their life back’ and no longer crave drugs or alcohol. They understand that at Adobe we ‘get it’ that waking up they ‘just did not feel right’, and that statement describes what most say or agree is how they felt. Now, they just feel ‘right’: they feel good waking up and throughout the day.


Does this describe you or a family member? If it’s you, stop by. If it’s a family member, they’ll use their ‘stress’ hormones to fight, since up to this point, ‘nobody’ understands them and they have lost trust in others. You may want to print out this article. People who are in the ‘warrior class’ feel others will want to ‘drug’ them and take away what ‘good’ feelings they have. Do NOT hand this article to them: just leave it laying around. People in the ‘warrior class’ are fairly smart and curious about their environment. They’ll find the article. Do NOT ‘discuss’ it, do NOT judge them, do NOT push them- they’ll push back and then they will not get a wonderful treatment which can greatly change their life for the better. It MUST be their decision to come in to be seen.


That said, about 95% of the time, the low dose Lithium treatment gives ‘warrior class’ people their life back. What’s that worth to you?


Topical Antibiotics Do Not Work

Three articles from March 2011, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology confirm what previous studies have shown: most topical antibiotics are not effective in reducing infection. Since most people apply antibiotics with their fingers, and their fingers and finger nails serve as a method of adding infection to a skin area, and can cause infection, then, using topical antibiotics only serves to make skin conditions worse, (by spreading infection by constant touching with fingers and finger nails). 


Also, about one in three people, who use products that contain neomycin, develop a skin rash due to allergy to neomycin. Our practice only rarely uses the topical antibiotic Bactroban, which is totally different in function than all other topicals, since Bactroban is proven effective in killing resistant staph bacteria.


These studies, as well as many others, confirm why we generally do not use topical antibiotics, with the rare exception of Bactroban. So, be safe and trash those other creams, and keep hands and nails away from skin conditions. If what you have looks serious, drop on by for an evaluation and treatment: staph can cause serious infections which can lead to amputation or death. Be safe!

Lower Salt Intake is Dangerous to Your Health

From the JAMA, May 4th 2011, the claim that 'low sodium' is safe and necessary for people, especially those with high blood pressure, has finally been proven to be scienfitically not as valid as once thought. How invalid?


Belgian investigators looked at 3,681 patients without Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) (26% of those who had hypertension), who were evaluated by Euopean investigators, in two different European trials, with a mean follow-up of 8 years. There was a strong inverse (opposite) relationship between sodium intake and death rate (as in those who ate more salt lived longer than those who did not).


Already the 'salt critics' are coming out: the average age in the study was 'only' 40; the number of heart attacks and deaths was 'small' (tell that to the family of the injured or dead). If nothing else, constantly being 'worried' about salt intake will cause the release of stress hormones, which will prematurely age every organ system in the body and lead to premature disease, suffering and death. The 'salt restricted' person will also be miserable and will end up craving salt and then 'over eat' salt due to hastle from the 'salt police'.


Our criticism of overly 'tight control' in blood sugar and in blood pressure for decades had gone unheaded. Now, for the past 24 months, every study published confirms what we've said for decades: too tight of control of blood-pressure or blood sugar will cause the release of stress hormones which will cause premature suffering, disease and death. We're talking about the same 'overtight' guidelines (on salt intake) not working and causing more problems than it claims to help. The First rule in medicine: do no harm. This same rule happens to be rule most often violated by 'experts'.


Fortunately, for our patients at Adobe, we've allowed for the gradual and calm improvement of blood sugar and blood pressure and have acheived outstanding outcomes for over 2 decades. We've practiced the reasonable, calm, and measured evaluation of blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and salt intake, understanding that 'impatient' guidelines induce far more stress, which causes premature suffering, disease complications and death due to some 'clip-board' carrying medical person worried more about numbers than people.

Ovarian Cancer Screening a Complete Waste of Resources

Generally, we bring you uplifting stories about how medical science is providing better answers to todays health problems. That also means we also need to present you, our patients and public, with information which is factual, and causes you to avoid false belief in treatments or evaluations which have no medical merit.


Sometimes, medical 'science' is very inaccurate, and fails miserably to have a good answer to certain health concerns. One such example is screening for Ovarian Cancer. The CA-125 blood test is one such candidate: it is generally inaccurate, and has resulted in many unnecessary surgeries, which have complications up to and including death.


From a study of 78,216 women aged 55-76, published in the JAMA on June 8th 2011, the CA-125 is a complete waste of time, energy, money and emotional stress. Doing 'Pelvic Ultrasound' to assess for cancer was equally a waste of resources. How much of a waste?


In the screenings they falsely identified 3,285 people as needing further evaluation. Of that 3,285 number, 1,080 underwent unnecessary surgery. Of that 1,080 number of people, 163 women experienced one or more serious complications. The authors reached certain unexpected conclusions:


First, stop wasting money, time, and emotion on ultrasounds and CA-125 testing which provide very little accurate data. Second, realize that most Ovarian Cancer is caught late, and the patient dies from it or from another condition. In other words: CA-125 lab tests and pelvic ultrasound fail miserably to detect Ovarian Cancer at an early stage where it can be treated.


For people with a strong family history of Ovarian Cancer, for now, the answer is surgical removal of both ovaries, once done having children. While this answer is far less from perfect, it is the only safe and rational choice for now and for the forseeable near future.


Ovarian Cancer strikes a small number of people, and resources to detect it early are going to be diverted to other 'more common' cancers which can be accurately detected by lab or imaging studies. That said, in reviewing our nano-bio-tech link, we firmly believe, that after certain higher priority cancers are detected, using 'miR' technology, we'll soon find accurate ways of detecting Ovarian Cancer at an earlier stage, as well as develop a precise way to halt the cancer.

Bath Salts Intoxication

From the MMWR (Morbidity and mortality Weekly Report), May 20th 2011, 'Bath Salts' are killing people in Michigan. Inearly 2011, a Michigan Poison Control Center reported several patients injecting, inhaling, or ingesting 'bath salts'. 'Bath Salts' have no legitimate use for bathing and are being sold at 'head shops' until reasonable laws are enacted to stop their manufacture, transportation, sale, and use. The 'head shops' are making about $80 on each 'bath salt' sale, so they have no motivation to stop on their own.


This is another case where chemists are ahead of the law in making substances for abuse for people who are attracted to take any substance of abuse to 'get high'. Since there's no age requirement to buy the substances, and since they're legal, many people are attracted to use these substances. 'Bath Salts' contain the chemicals 3,4-methylenedioxypy-rovalerone or 4-methylmethcathinone (mephedrone). Statewide investigation identified 35 people (ages 22-55) who presented to emergency rooms with 'bath salt' intoxication during the previous 5 months of 2011.


Nearly half the patients had histories of psychiatric illness and 69% had self reported histories of drug abuse. Ninety-one percent presented with neurological symptoms (dilated pupils, motor agitations), 77% had cardiovascular symptoms (hypertension, tachycardia), and 49% had psychological symptoms (delusions, hallucinations, agitation, paranoia). One patient was dead on arrival; 17 were admitted, all 17 appeared to have recovered.


The DEA has identified 'Bath Salts' as a drug of concern. However, the feds are slow to act. Since several people have comitted homocide or suicide or both from their delusions and paranoia in other states in the U.S., it appears each state will have to take action to protect its' own citizens since the feds are dragging their feet.

2 Studies Confirm: Physical therapy Better than Back Surgery

For people who have spinal stenosis (where the spinal cord is compressed by the spinal canal bones), or where people have nerve root-compression (where the nerve, as it exits the spine, is compressed or squashed by the bone or disc) are the only 2 groups of people who benefit from spinal surgery: and then only when done by neurosurgeons, not by orthopods.


An original article from 2005 published in the British Medical Journal, as well as two more recent articles from the British Medical Journal on May 19th 2011 confirm, that for the majority of back pain sufferers, that back surgery is a huge mistake! Besides less lifetime complications, lower disability and depression ratings, the people who received physical therapy for their back pain were WAY better 5 years out than those in the surgical group.


The study confirms what we hear every day from back pain sufferers who had unnecessary surgery: it was a HUGE mistake! The 'typical areas of greatest 'disc pressure' are in the L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs. These are the areas of most surgical procedures which also fail.


Many people who have back surgery are 30 -150 pounds overweight. Just like any pregnant woman, they complain of back pain. These people use HUGE amounts of denial that the laws of physics of excessive weight only apply to pregnant females, and not to them! The laws of physics and back pain are resistant to the forces of human denial. When patients enroll in and succeed in the 30-150 pound weight loss from our Simeons Weight Loss Program, their back pain resolves, as does their hip and knee pain. What an insight: quit looking like a 9 month pregnant female with twins or quads and your back, hip and knee pain resolves! Time to join our successful program!

The 5% Solution

Dr George W.Calver was the first U.S. Congress' appointed doctor, who was hired in 1928 when Senators and Representatives were dying at a rate of 20 people each year! Over the 38 years that followed, his prescription of moderation and good health calmed Congressional nerves and he received great acclaim, at the time, for saving Congress.


Dr Calver developed some very simple, yet very wise 'Health Commandmants' which are true today:


1. Eat wisely (eating a 'resturant' portion today means eating 3-4 times what is 'needed', and being more than 10 pounds over ideal body weight has shown premature death in almost every study for the past century. Four diseases associated with obesity and smoking-diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke currently cost $238 billion dollars/year. Right now 70% of Americans are overweight and people keep asking why health care costs are so high. Without a major successful weight loss for most of the country our health care costs for those four conditions will rise to $466 billion by 2030! Exactly where is an extra $238 billion dollars going to come from- remember many obese Americans are considered 'disabled' due to being so overweight and will NEVER work again, and 70% of the country is overweight. Think most seriously about this first point);

2. Drink plenty of water (always a wise idea, and even better at high altitude);

3. Eliminate thoroughly (walking around constipated is never healthy, and women not voiding every 4 hours are more likely to get urinary tract infections);

4. Bathe cleanly (some people still think hygiene is something you say to Gene (Hi Gene!));

5. Exercise rationally (30 to 60 minutes of NON-Stop activity for 5-6 of 7 days each week, walking is best and least costly);

6. Accept inevitables (don't worry, be happy);

7. Play enthusiastically (most adults have forgotten how to bring out their inner child and just have fun playing, doing physical activities outside and just having fun. Our Constitution is the first in the world to cite a natural 'right' to happiness. Play more, be happy!);

8. Relax completely (there has to be a day and a time when all work stops and you can 'maintain' the machine (your body) by resting it. If a person rides a horse non-stop, the horse will run until it dies. People have similar needs as horses: they can 'run' so far, then they need to completely rest and recooperate);

9. Sleep sufficiently (most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Many Americans get only 5 to 6 hours of sleep. For a short time the body will allow for less rest, then if a person does not rest, the body and its' systems wil collapse);

10. Check up occassionally (with your health care provider). Give 5% of your time to keeping well and you'll not have to give up 100% to getting over being sick!


These were smart and wise plans for life back in 1928 and remain even more true today. What can you do to wisely use these smart ideas to help yourself and your family?

Largest Diabetic Study Has WRONG Conclusions

The first rule of medicine: First do no harm. Studies have, for over a decade insisted if we could just isolate, say bringing blood sugar into an ideal range, then diabetics will live longer, healthier lives. A similar number of studies were done to prove that if we just lowered blood pressure into the ideal range that people with hypertension would have fewer strokes and heart attacks. Never lose weight, never exercise- just take a magic pill (medication) or a shot (of insulin) and all will be okay.


For decades, our medical director has said people are more than numbers- they are a sum total of who they are and what they possess and what they accomplish and what they dream of doing. The most recent study: The 1993 Diabeties Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), at first appeared to 'help' reduce vision problems and kidney problems by lowering blood sugar to ideal numbers. But that was not the entire story. That claim was touted as a 'huge' benefit and people were pushed into 'tight' control of blood sugar levels, with the thought that it 'hugely helped them'.


Twenty-two years later, that was not necessarily the correct conclusion, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine on December 22nd 2011. The statistics sound good: a 100% improvement over standard treatment. Standard treatment had, for example, a loss of normal kidney function in 8% of patients treated with 'standard care', versus only 4% of 'intensive care' patients (those who were required to have tighter blood sugar control). While 4% is 50% of 8, and 8% is 100% larger than 4%- the improvement in strict control- with huge expense and massive monitoring and medication expense- got us only 4 of every 100 people any better- that's NOT 100% better- that's 4% better.


While certain researchers tout the 'intensive' blood sugar campaign as a 'success', if you brought home a 4% on any test you ever took in school- you'd have an F minus by any standard.


Evaluations are focused too much on medicine and not enough on people and how they live, and what their behavior and lifestyle is. With 70% of all Americans overweight or obese, our health as a nation, is in huge trouble. Over the next 19 years, without major changes in how we deal with lifestyle and chronic diseases, people will be getting dramatically worse.


If a 5 foot 4 inch woman has diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and is 240 pounds, is her problem the different diseases, or is it the fact that she's TWICE the woman she should be? Really: should there be the body mass of two 120 pound people on one pair of legs and everybody lying to each other that it's 'okay' to weight twice what a person should weight? And then should we all lie to each other that magically those diseases and risk factors for suffering and death have nothing to do with the person's weight and the inability of the woman to walk for more than 2 to 3 minutes without having to sit down and watch television and eat another Snickers candy bar?


So, really, is a pill or a shot (by itself) going to make 'everything' better? No. Some people have both physical and emotional pain, and medication helps. Study after 'scientific' study shows very small benefits from medication alone. There must be more to getting well. Read below and find out what will help even more. None of the 'right' treatments are easy, but anything worthwhile has a price. Discipline, hard work, and smart work are American traditions, and they're traditions we must all remember.


A healthy 'ideal weighted' woman at 5 foot 4 inches should weight about 120 pounds. As a people and as a country we need to turn off the television, put down the video games, eat about a fourth of what most of us eat, and get out and walk every day for 30 to 60 minutes NON-STOP.


EVERY study done on societies where people are healthy, active, and living into their 90's and 100's show the same things: First, the people all walk most places where they go, and that would include hours of walking each day; second, they're nearly at or close to ideal body weight; third they eat large amounts of vegetables, many rich in cruciferous types (cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts); fourth, the people have good social and family relationships with one another; and fifth, most are engaged in gainful employment- they work much of the day, 5 or 6 of 7 days each week and enjoy the work they do; and finally when they do have time off they play and have a marvelous time. In summary, very few of these people take medications. Very few. Second, 99.9% of what they do is to live a physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually full and rich life.


As a people, as individuals, and as a nation we need to rise back to a better level of being. Our lives as Americans too often have become 'empty' and become filled with food and entertainment at the TV set because we've made ourselves 'empty' and unwilling to put ourselves into an active lifestyle which promotes happiness, fulfillment, discipline, and joy. We've had the first constitution in the whole world which states 'happiness' as a right. But like all 'rights' they must be earned each day. It's time for a better year and a better life for Americans and for New Mexicans. Let's get back to a more active, more disciplined, more determined, healthier, and more joyful life! It's time!


Our Simeons Weight Loss Program is the most successful program for consistent weight loss. Most of our clients in the program are 'mature' folks in their 50's to 70's with a need for help in removing stubborn weight that they can't get off on their own. With over 450 people treated over the past 2 years, we also have one of the best attended programs in New Mexico. Many people who are 50 or more pounds overweight feel overwhelmed. We've helped many patients lose OVER 100 pounds, and hundreds of people to lose 30 to 90 pounds. The Simeons Protocol is a medically managed professional weight loss program that's been around for over 70 years. Seven decades of success is a claim to consistent weight loss success which no other program can offer.


Make a deliberate choice to get healthier in 2012 and include the Simeons Protocol as part of your plan for a healthier and more fit life. Success feels thinner around the waist. Success and being thinner feels better than any food can taste. Pick up the phone and call today to get started.

Chronic Disease Caused by Aging Cells

From a study published in Nature, November 10th 2011, a team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic confirmed most major diseases related to aging and death are caused by senescent cells. As cells age and become older, before they die, they are called senescent. Dying senescent cells release a large number of proinflammatory and destructive cellular factors.


Many of these studies are done with mice, since there would be ethical concerns in initially doing the studies on humans. In this particular study, the researchers genetically altered the mice to carry a marker which would identify older cells. With these older cells 'tagged' by the body, a drug could then be administered which selectively destroyed the older, dying cells.


Using the above protocol, the mice failed to deveolp many age related diseases. While this study does not find the 'fountain of youth' it does discover the 'fountain of middle age' with the period defined as a healthy one. Most importantly, many age related diseases have now been proven to not be inevitable and something scientists can modify. This is a very positive and uplifting study!

A Real Pain in the... Knee!

From the Annal of Internal Medicine, December 6th 2011, a report confirms an 8 fold upsurge in the number of knee replacements being performed over the past 3 decades. One of the largest reasons for the surge: excess weight and decreased activity, leading to weakness and a perception of more pain (pain with 'usual' activities in people who do 'less than' usual levels of activities).


Age and weight aside, there's still more than a doubling of the number of surgical knee replacements. However, when compared with 3 decades ago, the technology for knee replacements was poor. The techniques and surgeons today perform a superior job, and fewer people are 'afraid' of complications.


However, in some people there is a 'rush' to get surgery. One recent example, 'Tommy', a janitor, who had only mild degenerative arthritis of his right knee had a knee replacement. Tommy had some complications, and now in his mid-fifties, he is 'disabled' from all physical work.


Tommy has since gained about 50 pounds, is depressed, and has very little hope for his future 'life'.


Please, before considering anything as desperate as surgery, consider all of the potential risks and benefits, as well as all of the alternatives. And, there are many alternatives. Please check out our Microvas section which can improve or resolve many joint, muscle, tendon and ligament problems- with a 95% improvement rate: it's well worth your time.

Never Too Old to treat High Blood Pressure!

From the HYVET research article in the British Medical Journal, Jan 4th 2011: you're never too old to treat high blood pressure. One of the worst possible worries any of us has is having a stroke. Strokes, high blood pressure and age over 80 run together as risk factors.


Who wants to drool from the left corner of their mouth, not be able to speak clearly, be unable to move their left arm or left leg- and wet themself uncontrollably? That's what a stroke will do to a person!


The HYVET study looked at 1,700 people over 80 (over a one year period) with untreated high blood pressure. All causes of death were higher in the group who failed to get medication for high blood pressure. Whether it's stroke, heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure or death- the treatment group beat out the non-treatment group.


This initial BMJ HYVET study mirrors extended HYVET study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008 whereby people benefitted immediately (first week) from treatment of high blood pressure. It's never too late to start treatment!