Preventive medical check-up

Live a healthy life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle? With our preventive medical checkups, we can help you detect illness early on and treat it to get you the benefits and peace of mind you deserve!


We offer the following preventive medical checkups:

  • Routine Physical Exam, with directed historical evaluation;
  • Cancer Prevention: breast, cervical, dermatologic, GI, prostate, and renal;
  • Cardiovascular Evaluation: Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) testing- for over 5 years, ABI has been a standard in preventive medicine, recommended by The American Heart Association, The American Academy of Cardiology, and The American Academy of Family Practice; we also perform EKG testing;
  • Endocrine and metabolic evaluations;
  • Pulmonary Function Testing, at rest, and with exercise;
  • Allergy Skin Testing (no needles).


Your health insurance policy may cover the cost of preventive medical checkups. Consult your insurance provider for further details.